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Farmer's market update for 07/13/2019

We are at the height of our summer vegetable season and boy, are these vegetables delicious. Sweet corn in white, bi-color and yellow is everywhere and is super delicious. You can buy it shucked or unshucked! And butter beans are a little scarce, but Bruce has some shelled but it's just been too hot. Get your pink-eye peas and they are already shelled.

Farmer's Market Update for 4/27/2019

In addition to all the excitement of the Homegrown event, there will be lots of delicious strawberries, asparagus, turnips, mustard and henpeck, along with many specialty vegetables grown by Brothers Farm. Our special guests will be Kelly Tyndall from the Cooperative Extension Office, who will explain the merits of and sample some dishes from the Mediterranean Diet. Chloe Albritton will bring freshly baked baguettes which can be had for a donation to her latest project.

Farmer's Market Update for 4/20/2019

Finally! There are strawberries and asparagus and arugula at the market, and they are delicious! Also, there will be sweet potatoes, kale, rutabagas and turnips. TJ Designs will be there with her handmade wreaths and crafts. Rodney, the pork skin man, will be in his booth selling pork skins, pork rinds and fried peanuts on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. If you are on the Keto Diet, these snacks are meant for you.

Farmer's Market Update - 1/12/2019

There will be no vendors at the Farmer’s Market from now until strawberry season, which will be in April. Rodney, the Pork Skin Man, will be  open randomly on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday. You will be able to tell when he has pork skins by the signs he puts on Vernon Avenue and other places around town.