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Lenoir County SPCA seeks funds for new shelter

“We have been raising money quietly for about 10 years,” Lenoir County SPCA President Jerry Henderson said. “Our current facility was built in 1978. The way we treat animals has changed a lot in 40 years. (Our current facility) is not big enough, it's too expensive to operate and no longer meets our needs.”

Lenoir County births for June 1-14

June 3: Leijani K. Rule born to Heidi Morlock and Joshua Rule; June 5: Felix M. McNeil born to Amanda M. Hall and Dimitri McNeil; June 6: Nazur T. Hill born to Sakimberal Pope and Andre Q. Hill; June 7: Harmony R. Best born to Timon D. Jones and Herman L. Best; June 8: Kyilee B. Moore born to Destiny B. Foster and Joseph S. Moore; June 8: Jordyn I. Platt born to Jami D. Murphy and Allen R. Platt Jr.