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The Journey - Episode 4

This past week Neuse News, Magic Mile Media and our business colleagues hosted Junior Leadership Lenoir and discussed the possibility of a summer internship program covering news, social media, marketing and more.

The Journey - Episode 3

On this episode of The Journey, peek inside the culture of Magic Mile Media and Neuse News in Kinston. A culture that includes taking credit for getting Krispy Kreme doughnuts in the office, to Junious pointing out two sides of a story, to BJ's conversation about social media philosophy, and more.

Digital Blog: Is email marketing dead?

Email marketing has certainly faced challenges in the face of increasing digital information, and brands must continually fight through clutter to make an impression on their consumers. However, the monitoring and automation tools available currently make email a worthwhile addition to a company’s marketing strategy.

Potter bestows virtues of LCC

"There are four-year colleges and universities that don't have the facilities and equipment that are available at LCC," Brandon Potter said. "LCC has saved me so much money because I don't have to pay anyone to create a website for me. If I need to run an ad, I can design my own. Not having to pay anyone for those services has helped my business tremendously."