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Bryan Hanks turns 60 Part III: The Rabid Flamingo

Among the attendees was Neuse News publisher BJ Murphy and his father, Buster. When Hanks joined the party dressed in pink Zebra-print pajama pants, a visibly flustered Buster Murphy flashed back to a recent trip to Florida where he was attacked by a rabid flamingo. In an attempt to protect the women and children at the party, Buster Murphy tackled Bryan Hanks.

Bryan Hanks turns 60 Part II: Electric Boogaloo

Everyone agreed to the plan too easily, therefore I sat in wait of the moment a fly would crash into the ointment. As it happened, the fly landed the Wednesday before the trip. Hanks decided to go to a hockey game in Raleigh on Friday night, which made sense as he'd gone upwards of three minutes without attending a sporting event that week.

Jon Dawson: Friends fear intervention wouldn't help Hanks, Massey

Massey and Hanks got in a car Saturday night and drove to Landover, Maryland to see the Washington Redskins take on the Carolina Panthers. Hanks is a Redskin fan, while Massey pulls for the Panthers. While watching a game on television they've each been known to yell loud enough to make the lights blink, so my heart goes out to whoever is sitting beside them.