Farmer's market update for 07/13/2019

Farmer's market update for 07/13/2019

What's at the Farmer's Market?

We are at the height of our summer vegetable season and boy, are these vegetables delicious. Sweet corn in white, bi-color and yellow is everywhere and is super delicious. You can buy it shucked or unshucked! And butter beans are a little scarce, but Bruce has some shelled but it's just been too hot. Get your pink-eye peas and they are already shelled.

Those wonderful heirloom tomatoes, German- Johnson ans Cherokee Purple are available but you should shop early; they disappear quickly. There are field grown slicing and canning tomatoes and yellow squash, pattypan squash, zucchini just waiting for some spring onions and maybe just a little bacon grease.

unnamed (1).jpg

New potatoes that are oh so sweet and good! We also have local cantaloupe and watermelon. We have okra! Try them roasted if you think you don't like okra! And regular and pickling cucumbers....waiting to be served in a sandwich or with delicious spring onions, soaked in vinegar.

Fresh, free range eggs, local honey, relaxing bath products and lotions, (check out Bridgette's new products ) pork skins, rinds and fried peanuts and beautiful wreaths and other crafts are available Also, gorgeous zinnias to brighten your home!

Join us on Saturday between 8 and 2 to support your local farmers, beekeepers and craftsmen and Tuesday's market, open between 8 and 2, has produce only this Tuesday.

Specialty vegetables from Brothers Farm

Black beauty eggplant
Asian eggplant
Padron peppers
Shishito peppers
Jalapeño peppers
Bell peppers
Heirloom slicing tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes
Tasty jade cucumber
Diva cucumber
Eightball squash
yellow squash
Patty pan squash
New potatoes - Yukon, Colorado Rose, Purple Heirlooms
Chantenay carrots
Sharp head cabbage
Tender sweet cabbage
Leeks garlic onions
Yellow, white , and red
Siberian kale
Red Russian Kale
Dino kale
Smooth kale
Genovese basil
Thai basil Lemon basil
Parsley Greek oregano
Mint Bronze Fennel

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