GC football holds Midnight Madness practice

GC football holds Midnight Madness practice

Greene Central goes through formations during Saturday morning's Midnight Madness practice. Photo by Junious Smith III / Neuse News

SNOW HILL -- Midnight Madness isn't just for the first day.

Across the state, teams held practices late Friday night/early Saturday morning on the first regulated day for full contact. Greene Central was among the teams excited to play late at night and the Rams had dozens of spectators to watch, including about 20 former players, according to football coach Allen Wooten.

Wooten said the players, fans and coaches enjoyed the event, one which brought several benefits.

"It keeps kids from coming back on Saturday morning, which is a tough practice for them," Wooten said. "It also gives coaches another day with their families, which is big heading into the school year. We've been out here late all week, so it gives them Saturday and Sunday with their families and if you preach faith, family and football it's best to this.

"We had fellowship and it's a great culmination: you had so many former players come out to watch and show the family atmosphere."

Among the former players was Taboris Bynum, who played a key part to Greene Central winning its first playoff game since 2005 last season. Bynum said he wanted to see if 2017's momentum carried into the summer and likes the potential of the current Rams roster.

"I can't wait until they start hitting for real," Bynum said. "As long as they keep their heads on their shoulders and minds in the right place they can go further than we did last year. If you have selfish teammates, then they won't make it to the playoffs."

Offensive/defensive senior lineman Walker Sutton said he's excited about finishing his career at Greene Central strong.

"It feels good to come out here and start hitting again," Sutton said. "It's a blessing to come out here with my family. I've been here four years, we've grown and now we've got to win as a team. We want to win a conference championship and state championship, so we're just setting one goal at a time and working toward it."

Saquan Connor, who will play wide receiver and defensive back for the Rams, said he'll be making up for lost time this season, with Midnight Madness playing a big role Friday.

"It feels great and I love to be out here," diofejeoi said. "I didn't get to play last year, but I'm going hard this year."

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