Farmer's Market update: October 6th

Farmer's Market update: October 6th

Publisher's note: The following are excerpts of an email update from the Lenoir County Farmer's Market organizers. Photo by Linda Whittington / Neuse News

What's at the Farmer's Market?

TC Smith will return, as will Coley Produce. Sandra, the egg lady will be back and so will Karen, the local honey lady. We will welcome Bridgette, our new soap vendor, and Rodney, who sells peanuts and pork skins will return, as far as we know!

Please come down to the market to support these people who work so hard to grow their produce and tend their bees and chickens, so that we will have access to their local products. Please keep the farmers in Eastern North Carolina, their families, their crops and their animals in your prayers. Florence took her toll on these people, leaving behind devastation and sadness for many.

Today, the market will welcome a new vendor,, quality handmade soaps.( Bridgette hand-makes artisan soaps, bath bombs, lotions and more, right here in Kinston. She’s been making soaps for over 15 years.

She moved to Kinston with her step-father just three weeks before the hurricane hit! Bridgette looks forward to meeting you at the Farmer's Market. Stop by and say hi. There will special Farmer's market discounts on her bath goodies. Love the skin you are in!

Upcoming events at the Farmer's Market

October 18th - the 21st  

Food, Brew and Que

November 17th

Vivian Howard cooks and serves Thanksgiving sides....Leraine Tolson from Queen Street Deli will be stirring up an interesting dish and our friends from Southern Sugar Bakery will have beautifully decorated turkey cookies...local artists are invited to exhibit at no charge, as well...artists and crafters contact Pat at

Vendor list for Saturday, October 6th

Disclaimer: This list is current as of this writing, but as we all know, people's circumstances change. 

Bruce Coley Produce
TJ Designs
Brothers Farm - will be back in several weeks
Porter Farm - finished for the season
TC Smith Produce
Above the Briery Local Honey
Rodney Jarman, the Pork Skin Man (always a guess)
B and B Free Range Eggs

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