Letter to the Editor: Dan Perry

Letter to the Editor: Dan Perry

A healthy two-party system is good for our country, for it allows the minority party to act as a "check and balance" to help keep the majority party in line. But when either party resorts to mob violence and out-of-hand protests, it is not only unhealthy, but it's dangerous for our country!

Early voting has already started, and November 6 is right around the comer. What we, the electorate, need more than anything else is wisdom for whom to vote. And I might add Godly wisdom - on the National level as well as the local and State level.

Do you remember King Solomon at the beginning of his reign? When God told him he would give him anything he wanted, Solomon didn't ask for riches, honor and glory. Instead, he simply asked for Godly wisdom to govern his people according to God's will. God answered him not only by giving him Godly wisdom, but also riches and honor and glory. That's a good example of putting first things first! We need Godly wisdom as we go to the polls.

On the national level, have you noticed that the total sum of the Democratic Party is all negative? I can't find anything positive about it! It's all anti-Trump, which means in essence anti-progress. They offer no meaningful solution - just anti-Trump.

Their whole purpose for being is to impeach our duly-elected President. They still can't get over the fact that Hillary lost and Trump won. It wasn't supposed to be that way. From day one after the election, their driving force and obsession has been, "Let's get rid of him, no matter how, no matter what it takes." And that's why they're calling November 6th the "Impeachment Election." If they take over the House and/or Senate, Impeachment will be their sole agenda!

But let's see what will happen if they get rid of Trump:  All of the progress he has made in the short time of his Presidency will be overturned and reversed. Granted, our President has many objectionable quirks and ways while achieving positive and constructive results all for the general welfare of our country. But are those objectionable quirks any reason for reversing all the good he's done, especially in view of the devastating alternative?

Recently, I asked a prominent former "never Trumper" had his opinion changed about Trump. He emphatically responded, "Yes siree, just look at all the good things he's done!" He went on to elaborate on the expanding economy, lower taxes, the four million new jobs, higher wages, the record low unemployment rate, the rebuilding of our nation's infrastructure, the rebuilding of our military to achieve peace by strength, the building of the wall and strengthened border security to stop illegal  immigration, becoming energy independent - and the list goes on and on, all for the good of our country. My friend concluded by exclaiming, "Yes sir, I'm going to vote for him and all his Republication constituents and supporters on. "He's got us headed in the right direction!"

You can't argue with obvious success! You may not like Donald Trump's awkward quirks and how he goes about his business, but to undo all he's accomplished just because you don't like him, in my opinion, is foolish and unacceptable.

Several people have asked me how I was going to vote on November 6 (by early voting). You may or may not agree, but here's what I told them: N.C.  Senate: Louis Pate, N.C. House: Chris Humphrey, Clerk of Court: Dawn Stroud; N.C Supreme Court: Barbara Jackson; N.C. Court of Appeals Seat I: Andrew Heath; Seat 2: Jefferson Griffin; Seat 3: Chuck Kitchen; I don't personally know any of those running for Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor, but I've heard some good things said about Keith Tyson and Chris Smith. Others on the ballot who are unopposed are: U.S. House, Walter Jones; District Attorney, Matthew Delbridge; Sheriff, Ronnie Ingram; and District Court Judge, Beth Heath. Each of them is deserving of your vote. I am voting for all seven amendments because I think they will prove beneficial in the long run.

We not only have the privilege and right to vote, but it is also our Christian duty to cast our vote - an informed vote. In my opinion, we need to keep Trump and all his supporters in office to be assured of continued growth and success!

Dan E. Perry
Kinston, NC

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