Farmer's market update: October 20, 2018

Farmer's market update: October 20, 2018

Publisher's note: The following are excerpts of an email update from the Lenoir County Farmer's Market organizers. Photo by Linda Whittington / Neuse News



Our neighbors at the CSS Neuse ll will also serve


7:00 a.m. until 10:30 a.m.

What's at the Farmer's Market?

This Saturday will be exciting! TC Smith Produce and Coley Produce will both bring their seasonal produce to sell. Sandra, the egg lady, has free range chicken eggs that are out of this world good, especially when accompanied by Karen from Above the Briery's local honey spread liberally over a crispy piece of toast!

After breakfast, you could take the nicest of baths or showers using all natural soaps, scrubs, lotions, liniments or shampoos which can be purchased from either of our two local soap vendors, Adele's Soaps and What a great way to start a day! Give it a try!

TJ Designs can help you with your seasonal decorations, especially since Halloween is fast approaching. Rodney, the Pork Skin Man, will have his pork skins, rinds and fried peanuts for sale on Saturday, also. try them crumbled on your next tossed salad or baked potato. Yum 1

Upcoming events at the Farmer's Market

October 20 - Breakfast on the Boat
October 18 - 21 - ENC Food, Brew ‘n Que
Saturday, November 17 - Vivian Howard cooks and serves Thanksgiving sides. Leraine Tolston
from Queen Street Deli will be stirring up an interesting dish and our friends from Southern
Sugar Bakery will have beautifully decorated turkey cookies. Our custom wreath lady, Donna Gee will return this day to take your orders for her beautiful handmade Christmas wreaths. Local artists are invited to exhibit at no charge, as well. Artists and crafters contact Pat at

Vendor list for Saturday, October 20th

Disclaimer: This list is current as of this writing, but as we all know, people's circumstances change.

Bruce Coley Produce
TJ Designs
Brothers Farm will be back in several weeks
Porter Farm finished for the season
TC Smith Produce
Above the Briery Local Honey
Rodney Jarman, the Pork Skin Man (always a guess)
B and B Free Range Eggs

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