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BJ Murphy: One Year Later

A year ago, a few friends set out to take something we’ve all been used to – daily news publication – and conform it to what the market is really saying…and do it with zero cost to the consumer. Neuse News Publisher BJ Murphy looks back at milestones in the development of Neuse News, where it is now, and what’s ahead.

The Journey - Episode 4

This past week Neuse News, Magic Mile Media and our business colleagues hosted Junior Leadership Lenoir and discussed the possibility of a summer internship program covering news, social media, marketing and more.

The Journey - Episode 3

On this episode of The Journey, peek inside the culture of Magic Mile Media and Neuse News in Kinston. A culture that includes taking credit for getting Krispy Kreme doughnuts in the office, to Junious pointing out two sides of a story, to BJ's conversation about social media philosophy, and more.

Bryan Hanks turns 60 Part III: The Rabid Flamingo

Among the attendees was Neuse News publisher BJ Murphy and his father, Buster. When Hanks joined the party dressed in pink Zebra-print pajama pants, a visibly flustered Buster Murphy flashed back to a recent trip to Florida where he was attacked by a rabid flamingo. In an attempt to protect the women and children at the party, Buster Murphy tackled Bryan Hanks.