Lenoir County restaurant inspections for July 10 through Aug. 6

Lenoir County restaurant inspections for July 10 through Aug. 6

The following restaurant inspections were conducted by the Lenoir County Health Department:

East Coast Wings

3021 North Herritage Street, Kinston

Score: 90

Inspection date: 7/10


Employee handles lettuce with bare hands;

Hand-sink in front of drink station out of paper towels;

Food in prep unit and in top right drawer was above 41F and some above 45F - must be at or below 41F;

Flies in kitchen - need better fly control;

Walk-in freezer door in disrepair;

Gaskets on prep and refrigerated drawers are tearing/coming off;

Grill area, around prep unit drawers and top of dish machine need additional cleaning;

Floors, walls and ceilings need additional cleaning;

The Peach House

412 West Vernon Avenue, Kinston

Score: 97

Inspection date: 7/12


Lasagna meat sauce in walk-in from day before was 50F - shall be cooled from 135F to 70F in two hours and from 70F to 41F in four hours;

Ensure hair restraints are effective;

Utensil bins need additional cleaning;

Inside and outside of prep unit on left, some shelving and window sill in dry storage room needs additional cleaning;

Floors and front side of hood needs additional cleaning;

The Laughing Owl

108 West North Street, Kinston

Score: 94

Inspection date: 94


EHS educated manager on employee health policy and the importance of having employees report illness;

Employee washed hands for about three seconds - shall be scrubbed vigorously for 10-15 seconds;

No had towels provided at bar hand-sink;

Knives, plates, egg slicer, stainless dishes, prep tops areas and utensils were visibly dirty;

Some foods in prep unit held for 9-10 days;

Flies in kitchen - need better fly control;

Rusty shelving needs to be repaired/replaced;

Vents and hood system need additional cleaning;

Hand-sinks in bar area need additional cleaning;

Stacie's Grill

7823 U.S. 70, La Grange

Score: 98.5

Inspection date: 7/22


Couple of roaches seen in pit room;

Wet wiping cloths laying on side of three-compartment sink and water in sanitizer was soiled;

Coving in pit room is coming unattached - needs to be repaired;

Golden Corral

4468 U.S. 70 West, Kinston

Score: 88.5

Inspection date: 88.5


Employees went out back door and returned to kitchen and continued prepping food without washing hands;

Meat slicer, dishes, ice cream machine, knives, food containers, spoons and tongs and meat prep board were visibly dirty;

Some cold-hold food temperatures were 42-45F - shall be 41F or lower;

Condenser in meat cooler is leaking and ceiling behind grill area was dripping;

Dishes stacked wet;

Employee left kitchen with gloves on and returned to prep food with same pair of gloves on;

Not in compliance: shelving, equipment, dish area, buffet counters, edges of salad bar and ice cream machine area;

Drains in dish wash area are clogged;

Floors, walls and ceilings in disrepair;

New Main Moon

909-E West Vernon Avenue, Kinston

Score: 91.5

Inspection date: 8/2/19


Employee drink was stored above food prep area;

raw meat stored above cooked, ready-to-eat foods;

Shrimp temped at 125 - 136F after cooking - should be at least 145F before serving;

Raw chicken wings left on counter temped at 60F - shall be 41F or below

Flies present in kitchen;

No employees are wearing hair restraints;

Styrofoam to-go trays are stored face up and are exposed to contamination;

Inside of walk-in door is in disrepair;

Wok area, fryer area, inside of walk-in, inside of reach-in shelving and underneath cutting board on prep unit needs additional cleaning;

Dumpster door was open - keep closed;

Several areas of damage on kitchen floors;

Floors and walls need additional cleaning;


7858 U.S. 70 West, La Grange

Score: 95.5

Inspection date: 8/5/19


Cook rubbed nose/touched face several times with hands, then proceeded to touch/handle food with bare hands;

When removing sausage from hot holding line to add to dirty rice, employee should wear gloves or use another approved barrier;

Roasted bites on front line temped 120-131F - shall be 135F or above;

Employee on cook line touched face/rubbed nose then proceeded to touch food with bare hands;

Several wet wiping cloths left around ktichen - shall be stored in proper strength sanitizer;

Inside of reach-in freezer in cook area, top of ice machine and shelving in walk-ins need additional cleaning;

Floor underneath equipment, especially ice machine, needs additional cleaning;

Skill Creations of Kinston

901 Doctors Drive, Kinston

Score: 98.5

Inspection date: 8/6


Dish machine sanitizer concentration was not strong enough;

Sanitizer in wiping cloth bucket was too strong;

Shelving inside refrigerators need additional cleaning;

Mop left to dry handle down - allow mops to dry handle up;

Microwave in activity room needs additional cleaning;

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