Lenoir County births July 17 - Sept. 6

Lenoir County births July 17 - Sept. 6

Birth certificate records obtained from the Lenoir County Register of Deeds database list the mother's maiden name. In some cases only one parent is listed:

7/17, Akari L. Myers born to Shaniya R. Phillips

7/17, Kashmere Y. Payton born to Sequoia A. Ellis and Isaiah P. Payton

7/17, Jiraiya G. Alston born to Alana P. Jewel and George E. Alston Jr.

7/18, Genesis F. Mendez born to Mariela Reyes and Juan Avalos Jr.

7/18, Kaever M. Davis born to Kamisha C. Koonce and James M. Davis

7/19, Knowledge M. Conner born to Shatoya J. Williams

7/21, Kamille M. Coward born to Kenya M. Offutt

7/22, Adrian Villalobos born to Kimberly X. Cuello

7/23, Genesis Castro born to Eneydi A. Lopez born to Javier G. Cuellar

7/24, Diandra M. Reyes born to Raetasha D. Reyes and Daviyon S. Gardner

7/24, Jahmir E. Boyd born to Shaquan J. Boyd

7/25, Kenly Q. Strickland born to Shaniqua O. Lowe and Keshaun E. Strickland

7/26, Jaxson T. Crawford born to Tiffani M. Koonce and John M. Crawford

7/26, Codessa M. Rivett born to Nicole M. Gerry and Joshua Rivett

7/28, Madden J. Walsh born to Jenna L. Dawson and Martin J. Walsh Jr.

7/29, Kazmir J. Hardy born to Jashyia M. Jones and Kevin D. Hardy

7/31, Tyson S. Dunn born to Shenikqua Aquanella Unique Starkey and Kylan T. Dunn

8/01, Jream L. Dawson born to Ebony C. Williams and Antio T. Dawson

8/01, Arlei M. Manley born to Isis L. Bond

8/02, Tianna D. Majette born to Tyosha L. Bryant and Markiese M. Majette Jr.

8/03, Mimiracle D. Bouie born to Eboni D. Taylor and Deontrez M. Bouie

8/04, Khiyeir Yahsiin Tyrell Mason born to Monalisa N. Mason

8/05, Jorge Luis Bautista Uriarte Jr. born to Jennifer K. Martinez and Jorge L. Uriarte

8/08, Liana A. Parham born to Candyce Najwa Forde and Tyrell J. Parham

8/08, Skyler M. Barrera born to Ma Dolores Barrera Gutierrez and Eugenio G. Gutierrez

8/08, Raelynn A. Lender Fennell born to Tiquerria N. Lender and Alexander L. Fennell

8/08, Adrian Huerta born to Savannah M. Huerta

8/11, Amelia J. Hooker born to Sendy Elien and Christopher A. Hooker

8/11, Izabella R. Smith born to Chelsie L. Wiggins

8/12, Scarlett H. Gautier born to Julie E. Thomas and Thomas A. Gautier

8/12, Jaiceon N. Hinnant born to Rayelle A. Pridgen

8/13, Rylie S. Andrews born to Shakeitha S. Hill and Randall O. Andrews

8/14, Mekhia Y. Joyner born to Te Erica Y. Shackleford and Michael A. Joyner

8/16, Egypt Aaliyah Veronica Agoddes Jones born to Barbara Ann Rashedha Tynhey Williams and Melvin M. Jones

8/18, Thiago L. Guzman born to Adilene G. Gomez and Abraham L. Mateo

8/19, Jayah S. McKnight born to Kimber E. McKnight and Michael R. Cannon

8/20, Kelmarion Jlee Pierre White born to Kabriekkeya Jazzmen Green and Kelly P. White

8/21, Emily G. Perry born to Hannah G. Kennedy and Nicolas C. Perry

8/22, Brianna A. Jimenez born to Delmy M. Benitez and Ever J. Morales

8/23, Major D. Born born to Lanesha T. Grant and Tyrone D. Brown

8/23, Genesis E. Jones born to Keyosha T Jones

8/24, Noah J. Leach born to Adrienne C. Leach

8/25, Coley G. Williams born to Mandy A. Garner and Devin T. Williams

8/25, Magen A. Grimes born to Jennifer N. Sullivan and Cody A. Grimes

8/27, Luna Z. Delatorre born to Yesica M. Alonso and Roger Delatorre

8/27, Abigail J. Stowe born to Amanda L. Din and Roland P. Stowe

8/28, Kasai J. Johnson born to Lisa M. Johnson

8/28, Evan B. Sutton born to Ashley N. Smith

8/30, Jaelyn A. Grega born to Priscilla A. Tripp and Jonathon A. Grega

8/31, Amya N. Berry born to Kendra R. Kornegay

9/01, Isaiah R. Bass born to Elisa D. Ortiz and Damion R. Bass

9/01, Ansley K. Heath born to Destiny A. Whitfield and Morgan A. Heath

9/02, Kevin O. Madrigal Jr. born to Rubi Cordoba Santiago and Kevin O. Madrigal

9/02, Arabella T. Miller born to Ma Lyzl Gesulga Tabora and Bradley S. Miller

9/02, Mila J. Dawson born to Janasia J. Dawson

9/02, Taryn M. Fullwood born to Tabitha G. Herring and Terrance D. Fullwood

9/04, Luke Perry Floyd Miller born to Heather D. Peyton and James Marshall Perry Miller

9/05, Serenity J. Coward born to Deonna D. Briggs

9/05, Jihad K. Dixon born to Hafiza J. Thomas

9/06, Asha M. Patrick born to Shyaira Nichole Donasia Patrick

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