Lenoir County births for June 2 through July 14

Lenoir County births for June 2 through July 14

Birth certificate records obtained from the Lenoir County Register of Deeds database list the mother's maiden name. In some cases only one parent is listed:

6/02, Messiah M. Cannon born to Zaniyah J. Wilkins and Deanundra M. Cannon

6/02, Tymir M. Jones born to Kesha L. Davis and Maquez T. Jones

6/04, Xavier J. Summers born to Tiffany N. Sutton and Billy J. Summers

6/04, Andre D. Summers born to Tiffany N. Sutton and Billy J. Summers

6/04, Arielle R. Cannon born to Jessica M. Ramirez and Antwan D. Cannon

6/04, Kinslee C. Chase born to Rolinda T. Chase and Hyquil N. Jones

6/05, Raya N. Perez born to Ontiveros I. Raya and Efren B. Perez

6/05, Everley D. Nethercutt born to Miranda K. Mervin and Jerry C. Nethercutt Jr.

6/07, Mia G. McLawhorn born to Skylar C. Tripp and Jared P. McLawhorn

6/10, Alyssa S. Brunson born to Lakisha D. Mitchell

6/12, Terry J. Avery born to Trista G. Dickson and James M. Avery

6/13, Abigail L. Phillips born to April N. Murphy and Trayvon C. Phillips

6/14, Dahlia A. Ferrell born to Sierra N. Hudgens and Joshua N. Ferrell

6/14, Elena D. Kremer born to Maria E. Medina and Justin R. Kremer

6/14, Remington C. Driver born to Kimberly P. Strickland and Kevin D. Driver

6/15, Mason J. Perez born to Megan N. Tyndal ad Cornelio Perez

6/19, Marc D. Pittman born to Taylor B. Gray and Marcus D. Pittman

6/20, Caroline J. Discua born to Carol Y. Discua and Reinaldo M. Angeles

6/20, Alphons R. Francis born to Abigail G. Parrott and Aaron Francis Jr.

6/20, Jamauri Y. Phillips born to Ieshia J. Phillips and James E. Cannon

6/21, Bladyn W. Pile born to Kellie L. Organ and Timothy L. Pile

6/21, Ahzzurae H. Whitfield born to Tyrona N. Whitfield

6/22, Zamina J. Waters born to Zakiyah M. Saleem and Jimmie Waters

6/22, Jahzaya N. James born to Halondra R. Wyche and Jahquice T. James

6/23, Gavin A. Moreda born to Hannah Z. Wiggins and Alexis Moreda Jr.

6/25, Aubrey A. Myers born to Shijuana Q. Jones and Marquis T. Myers

6/26, Natalia L. King born to Rickell D. Shirley

6/26, Armani K. Suggs born to Charkeva K. Hodge and Rufus Suggs III

6/28, Davion Q. Cannon born to Tiera S. Thompson and Argentina L. Cannon

6/29, Jaida M. Moore born to Aminah Brunson and Jimmie D. Moore Jr.

7/02, Zyasia L. Rodges born to Demeshia O. Shackleford and Irvin O. Rodgers Sr.

7/02, Bryson D. Hicks born to Alawisha D. Fields

7/03, Carlos A. Cordoba born to Ana S. Cordoba and Juan C. Velasquez

7/03, Aiden M. Willoughby born to Veronica H. Nelson and Joshua L. Willoughby

7/03, Sanjuan E. Hernandez born to Maria Y. Resendiz and Daniel H. Alvarado

7/03, Kinsey N. Artis born to Kennedy N. White and Christopher E. Artis

7/05, Elliana R. Brown born to Cassidy N. Mercer and Adam C. Brown

7/08, Kaleb E. Majette born to Alecia N. Mercer

7/08, Jayilee Z. Koonce born to Zenobia J. Roberts and Lee V. Koonce III

7/09, Olivia H. Paugh born to Heather L. Walton and Luther T. Paugh

7/10, Myking R. Alvarado born to Marieel Alvarado

7/12, Harmony N. Collier born to Kyla M. McIver and Dewaynez A. Collier

7/12, Jadarien A. Croom born to Ieshia S. Surney and Bobby D. Croom Jr.

7/13, Bentley M. Kilker born to Alexus M. Edwards and Christopher M. Kilker

7/14, Kenleigh D. Walker born to September L. Moore

7/14, Alister L. McNeil born to Charmaine L. Nichols and Antonio D. McNeil Sr.

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