Rudy Coggins: Proud to become a member of the Neuse News team

Rudy Coggins: Proud to become a member of the Neuse News team

Some days I like to put my phone on vibrate, relax and maybe grab a wink or two.

Only on this particular day, a slight buzz caught my attention. I glanced at my smartwatch (knockoff brand) which alerts me to text messages. I looked at the small type, crawled off the sofa and grabbed my cell phone.

Then I grabbed my readers.

I read the message.

“Rudy, we want you on the Neuse News team. How does that sound?” quizzed Neuse News Publisher B.J. Murphy.

I quickly texted back: “Oh my God! YES!!!!”

Had I been able, I would have done cartwheels. Picture that, a 52-year-old guy with a spare tire around the middle, just waiting to break or sprain something.

So, without any gymnastics involved — I will leave that to Simone Biles — I’m pleased as punch to become part of the Neuse News team. This die-hard East Carolina fan and grad has been chomping at the bit to get back into writing full time.

Murphy’s text brought a challenging and life-changing 18 1/2 months to full circle.

I lost both of my parents in less than nine months during 2018. My dad passed from natural causes in mid-January. My mom died instantly from a head-on car crash on Sept. 29. It will be 11 years this week that my brother passed away after a courageous battle with cancer.

Barely five weeks after my mom’s gut-wrenching death, I became unemployed.

I never imagined I would cover another event. I had no desire to pick up a pen again and give my observation on anything.

The Neuse News has graciously blessed me with that chance again. 

I’ll be your general news and sports reporter for Greene County. I know some folks in that area, but plan to beat the bushes the next few days to put faces with names.

And vice versa.

You’ll also see me roaming around of parts of our coverage area, too.

I’m a no-nonsense journalist. I write what I see without the benefit of flowery or stodgy language. I expand on the “who, what, where, when, how and why.” I try to paint a picture and hope that you — the reader — can envision that picture in your mind as I tell you the story. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. 

Community journalism has always been my focus since I wrote my first story more than 30 years ago. After all, we are here to tell your stories to your neighbors, family, friends, etc.

And I look forward to telling your story.

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