Farmer's market update for 08/15/2019

Farmer's market update for 08/15/2019

What’s at the Farmer’s Market?

Ripe and Ready

Scuppernong Grapes
Heirloom tomatoes,
Cherokee Purple(coming to an end soon),
Slicing and canning tomatoes
Sweet corn, bi-colored shucked and unshucked
Cayenne peppers
Yellow Squash
Sweet potatoes
New potatoes
Pink-eye , purple hull peas
Free range eggs
Local honey
South Carolina peaches, cherries and plums that are not local, but they are so good !

Specialty Items

Wreaths, wall hangings, block lights and much more
Pork skins, pork rinds and fried peanuts
All kinds of pickles, salad dressings and marinades

Specialty vegetables from Brothers Farm for August

Tasty jade cucumber
black beauty eggplant
Asian eggplant
Shishito peppers
Sweet snack pepper
Red Jalapeño
Cherry tomatoes
Yellow squash
Butternut squash
Acorn squash
Few purple and gold potatoes
Genovese basil
Thai basil
Lemon basil
Holy basil Mint
Bronze fennel
Red blush pears
Zinnias Sunflowers

Upcoming events at the Farmer’s Market


Saturday, August 17th

We will celebrate National Bee Day This is a great opportunity for children and adults to learn the importance of bees in agriculture and to learn what it means to be " BUSY AS A BEE ! " See poster at top of this newsletter for more information

Saturday, November 23rd

Vivian Howard and Leraine Howard Tolston share their cooking talents with us. They are so popular and always draw a crowd. We really appreciate their interest in our vendors and our market. Come down to thank them in person !

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New Lenoir County corporations for July 18 - Aug. 8

New Lenoir County corporations for July 18 - Aug. 8

Janet Sutton: Back on the scene for you

Janet Sutton: Back on the scene for you