Gracie Herring: This is just the beginning

Gracie Herring: This is just the beginning

Before I start my second and final column, I must say that because of Neuse News, I am a better person overall. 

Applying for an internship at 15-years-old can be intimidating, but Neuse News had already shown their faces around my school so I was becoming more comfortable with the people who I hope would soon be my colleagues. I remember the day former corespondent Graham Hill texted me, stressing how much he knew Neuse News “needed my energy”, but little did I know — I needed Neuse News. 

Being a sophomore in high school can be a struggle for many reasons, mine just happened to be anxiety and a mindset I wasn’t happy with. I knew spending three days out of the week working in an office would take a lot out of my summer, but it’s what I felt like I needed to do to better myself. 

From being in front of a camera, being behind one, setting up live-streaming with Travis, cleaning with Brandon, and even daily coffee runs, I have learned so much about friendships and business. B.J. giving my new four forever friends and I this opportunity has led to so many memories and experiences that have taught us all so much.

To future NN Interns — prepare for a lot and don’t think they will be easy on you. Sometimes you’ll be faced with situations you don’t know how to handle but never be afraid to reach out — the team is beyond helpful. There may be conflict within the intern team occasionally and you may not all be on the same page, but the kitchen makes for a great meeting place.

Oh and I can’t forget about the endless constructive criticism, because at the end of the day, B.J. and the team mean nothing but love.

Finally, capture and take in every moment. Three months may seem like a long time, but before you know it, you’ll be writing a farewell column. 

To my fellow interns — Ali, Parker, Norma and Ethan — each one of you have taught me so much.

Ali, thank you for letting me use your camera and being the mom of the group.

Ethan, you’re my favorite frenemy and my No. 1 coffee buddy.

Norma, your fashion sense has been so fun to learn from and you always make me feel so loved.

Parker, you are my absolute favorite person to do chalk with and my panini pal. There’s no one else I would want to travel all around ENC with.

I love you all and will miss spending all my time with you guys.

Finally, to the Neuse News team — Thank you for welcoming us with loving arms and having endless patience, because we know sometimes it was hard. The talent and work ethic in the Neuse News office is mind-blowing and never fails to bring a smile on my face. I will miss hanging with the big kids. 

So, I guess this is it! Peace out NN, this is just the beginning. 

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