Lenoir County restaurant inspections for June 17-21

Lenoir County restaurant inspections for June 17-21

The following inspections were conducted by the Lenoir County Health Department:

El Azteca

2928-A West Vernon Avenue, Kinston

Score: 95

Inspection date: 6/17


No certified food protection manager present;

Dish machine is not sanitizing properly;

Some food temperatures were 42-45F and chicken in walk-in was 50-52F - shall be 41F;

Food in reach-in was made on 6/6 - shall be sold or discarded within seven days;


405 East New Bern Road, Kinston

Score: 92.5

Inspection date: 6/18


Food cold-hold temperatures ranged from 42-62F - shall be at or below 41F (repeat violation);

Pork, sliced tomatoes, chicken salad, hot dogs in reach-in were not date marked;

Coleslaw on TPHC line was above 41F;

Scoop handles in sugar bin and in chicken salad stored in contact with food/product;

Knives stored under ticket printer - store in clean, dry location;

Rusty hinges, gaskets on alto shams, gaskets on walk-in coolers, and rusty shelving needs to be repaired/replaced;

Inside of refrigeration units, inside warming units, inside of ice machine, shelving and equipment need additional cleaning (repeat violation);

Missing floor tiles and ceiling in dish room need to be repaired/replaced (repeat violation);

The Boiler Room

108-B North Street, Kinston

Score: 91.5

Inspection date: 6/19


Employee handled ready-to-eat broccoli with bare hands (repeat violation);

Dish machine was not sanitizing properly;

Plates, bowls, and stainless dishes were visibly dirty;

Grilled chicken cooked at 10 a.m. was 78-80F - shall be cooled from 135F to 70F within two hours and from 70F to 41F or less within four hours for a total of six hours;

Many flies in kitchen;

Three-compartment sink needs additional cleaning;

Inside and outside of refrigeration units, dish machine, black plastic shelving, and dry food bins need additional cleaning (repeat violation);

Dumpster area has grease build-up on the ground;

Walls need additional cleaning behind dish machine and around/behind equipment;

Tokyo House

1201 West Vernon Avenue, Kinston

Score: 90

Inspection date: 6/19


Dumplings were plated with bare hands;

Mop is blocking hand-washing sink;

Raw beef and raw chicken stored together in prep unit;

Raw shell eggs stored above ready-to-eat foods in two-door cooler;

Sushi crab, spicy crab mix, sushi eel, and rice in two-door cooler were reading above 41F;

Time not date-marked on sushi rice;

No consumer advisory on take-out menus;

Fly strips located above dish-washing area;

Two gray bus-type pans of raw broccoli stored on the floor near prep table;

Employees' personal food stored with food for consumers;

Employees not wearing effective hair restraints;

Wet wiping cloths left out on counters;

Rice dipper stored in container of 78F water - shall be stored in water above 135F, in the food with the handle above the food or in a clean, dry location;

Single-use utensils stored with tip contact surface exposed;

Several areas constructed from non-approved materials;

Employee washing dishes in prep sink;

Counter tops, inside of refrigeration units, shelving, etc. need additional cleaning;

Hand sink near sushi bar does not have hot running water;

Walls behind equipment need additional cleaning;

Taqueria El Merendero

708 South Front Street, Pink Hill

Score: 99.5

Inspection date: 6/21


Employee turned faucet off with bare hands after hand washing;

Floor tiles are cracking/missing - need to be replaced to keep floor smooth and easily cleanable;

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