Lenoir County births for March 20 through June 1

Lenoir County births for March 20 through June 1

Birth certificate records obtained from the Lenoir County Register of Deeds database list the mother's maiden name. In some cases only one parent is listed:

3/20, Kingston D. Williams born to Shenika R. Williams

3/20, Sophia E. Ruff to Heaven L. Taylor and Patrick E. Ruff

3/20, Savone M. Jackson Jr. born to Mishia D. Cannon

3/21, Jeremiah J Ingram born to Deshona V. Cox and Jeremy L. Ingram

3/21, Christen A. Salvant born to Quionna M. Shackleford and Christopher S. Salvant

3/22, Jordan M. Farris born to Angela M. Jacobs

3/22, Elsie K. Norris born to Ashton B. Heath and Kalib H. Norris

3/23, Letrevion S. Lee born to Leteia S. Garner and Clarence K. Lee

3/24, Daonte S. Gardner Jr. born to Laquisha D. Brunton and Daonte S. Gardner

3/27, Oliver P. Villagran born to Rosario V. Tapia and Lucas P. Carrillo

3/27, Naomi J. Cox born to Mariaolga G. Tyndall and Aaron C. Cox

4/02, Kavion J. Haddock born to Tkeyah Tyrnik Haddock

4/02, Everleigh R. Basden born to Kimber B. Turner and Ronnie M. Basden Jr.

4/03, Journee M. Foye born to Tulisha N. Foye

4/04, Claire E. Burkett born to Ashtin B. Gray and Adam B. Burkett

4/07, Nessiah S. Hobbs born to Erykah S. Merriweather and Devonte S. Hobbs

4/09, Sofia L. Giarrusso born to Dakwaneisha Shaqounda Sims and Anthony G. Giarrusso

4/09, Alease Y. Giarrusso born to Dakwaneisha Shaqounda Sims and Anthony G. Giarrusso

4/10, Natalia T. Torres born to Noemi T. Gonzalez and Roberto T. Torres

4/12, Everleigh R. Lambert born to Adrianna M. Arnette and Zachary R. Lambert

4/14, Bradyn A. Jones born to Natash M. Toodle and Melvin A. Jones

4/18, Alexis B. Davis born to Samantha D. Turnage and William H. Davis

4/18, Kael Gilchrist born to Kealan A. Bouie and Al Gilchrist

4/19, Kailee T. Sutton born to Kaila T. Becton and Jerome R. Sutton

4/20, Adonis K. Fleming born to Jasmine D. Foye and Jacob W. Fleming

4/21, Christian C. Benton Jr. born to Samantha D. Locklear and Christian C. Benton Sr.

4/23, Alina K. Cannon born to Alicia D. Cannon

4/23, Subriah J. Cobb born to Tamerica L. Edmonson and John T. Cobb Jr.

4/23, Leeya S. Davis born to Kayla M. Graham and Joshua L. Davis

4/24, Tifase F. Perry born to Toya T. Stancil

4/25, Celeste B. Baldwin born to Carlisa L. Baldwin and Thomas E. Suggs

4/25, Ana K. Harris born to Aayanna T. Garner and Tajeem K. Harris Sr.

4/26, Antwan L. Garner Jr. born to Jasmine J. Fields and Antwan L. Garner

4/26, Enriquez M. Dermas born to Maria E. Marin and Miguel A. Valdez

4/28, Sierra K. Jones born to Katlyn S. Payton

4/29, Forever Zhinae Grant born to Kira C. Canady and Delante L. Grant

4/29, Bella R. Cox born to Caylon S. Cox

4/30, Alec J. Montoya born to Janette M. Ruiz and Roberto A. Sanchez

5/01, Zyanna C. Spikes born to Ashley C. Brady and James L. Spikes Jr.

5/02, Eyzani G. Harris born to Erica D. Harris

5/02, Brayden J Taylor born to Jasmine Monalisa Hawkins and Brandon J. Taylor

5/03, Camiyah D. Bell born to Larita D. Bell

5/06, Leonel M. Gonzales born to Jessica J. Gonzales

5/07, Brandon C. Humphreys born to Brittany N. McMahon and Brandon C. Humphreys

5/08, Madigan J. Ross born to Shelia R. Waters

5/10, Bentley R. Mills born to Rebeckah A. Semones and James R. Mills

5/10, Kyrie L. Hunt born to Kwamesha D. Franklin

5/10, Aiyanna R. Arnold born to Kashina A. Williams

5/12, Liam B. Rybolt born to Anna R. Parrott and Trent B. Rybolt

5/15, Tyran J. Moore Jr. born to Ellen M. Dawson and Tyran J. Moore

5/16, Malia K. Harris born to Maile S. Graham and Austin W. Harris

5/16, Maryaries Y. Aguilar born to Norma Y. Aguilar and Sergio Y. Mendez

5/17, Jewelz E. Oliver born to Talibah S. Turner

5/22, Galvan N. Hernandez born to Florencia G. Diaz and Ines H. Alvarado

5/23, Sawyer C. Sanders born to Brittany L. Keel and Shawn D. Sanders

5/23, Alexis B. Montes born to Rosie Montes

5/24, Lolita S. McLam born to Jeri J. Jordan and Tariq R. McLamb

5/28, Alayah Z. Lawson born to Ebony Naquita Shackleford and Antonio L. Lawson

5/30, Kai L. Bouie born to Tamekia L. Lewis and Antonio J. Bouie

5/30, Krisstian R. Davis born to Latoyla Davis

5/30, Kehlani L. Cogdell born to Javelyn K. Tunn and David L. Cogdell Jr.

6/01, Jordan R. Meigs born to Michaela A. Manning and Austin R. Meigs

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