Lenoir County restaurant inspections for June 11-17

Lenoir County restaurant inspections for June 11-17

The following restaurant inspections were conducted by the Lenoir County Health Department:

Golden China Buffet

4147 West Vernon Avenue, Kinston

Score: 93

Inspection date: 6/11


Employee drink without lid stored over prep area;

Noodles and fish were stored uncovered;

Flies present in kitchen;

West and dirty wiping cloths left out when not in use - repeat violation;

Dishes stacked wet;

Shelving is rusty;

Gasket on rear walk-in cooler is tearing;

Can opener needs additional cleaning;

Some floor tiles missing - repeat violation;

Floors, walls and ceiling need additional cleaning;

Ma's Hot Dog & Variety

2515 U.S. 258 South, Kinston

Score: 87

Inspection date: 6/12


No certified food protection manager present;

Employee touching hot dogs with bare hands when checking temperature;

Prep area needs additional cleaning

Hot dogs placed in steamer to reheat - were reading 125F at 10 a.m. after being in steamer since 4:30 a.m. - reheated to 135F in microwave before being served;

Sausage on the gas stove read 88F - manager stated sausage had been sitting for a couple of hours after being cooked - shall be 135F or above;

Sausage and hot dogs in white reach-in read 48-50F, shall be 41F or below;

Ziploc bags of hot dogs and smoked sausage not date marked;

Two aerosol air fresheners stored with canned, jarred foods;

Flies present in kitchen;

Wet wiping cloths left out on counter and drainboard near sink;

Domestic refrigerators, stove, crock pot and freezers used - shall be ANSI certified;

Tops/sides of equipment, tops of bread toaster, inside drawers and inside reach-in need additional cleaning;

Can wash is clogged;

No covered trash receptacle inside bathroom;

Dumpster does not have a drain plug;

Floors, walls and ceiling needs additional cleaning;

Dos Marias Grill & Cantina

131 South Caswell Street, La Grange

Score: 93

Inspection date: 6/13


No certified food protection manager present;

Employee went from dish washing to handling raw meat and food prep without washing hands;

Employee observed handling ready-to-eat tortillas and taco shells with bare hands;

One plate being used to transfer raw chicken and beef from prep unit to flat top;

Pans of dirty dishes stored on floor;

Inside of reach-in refrigerator and front grate needs additional cleaning;

Mama's y Papa's Taqueria

1503 Rouse Road, Kinston

Score: 96

Inspection date: 6/13


Dishes on metal shelving were dusty/had grease accumulation - manager stated she did not use those dishes - either remove or clean them;

Sanitizer was too strong;

Both stem-type thermometers were reading below 32F in ice water - shall be calibrated to read 32F in ice water;

Containers of sugar on storage rack were unlabeled;

Male employee with facial hair was handling food with no beard guard;

Wet wiping cloth stored in bucket with detergent water - shall be stored in proper strength sanitizer;

Single-use ramekins and box of single service gloves stored on top of prep unit - prep unit has considerable condensation - shall be stored in a clean, dry location;

Bottom of one reach-in door, floor of oven and ceiling of ice machine need additional cleaning;

Dumpster is on the ground - shall be approved outdoor storage surface;

El Mexicano

5071 Potter's Hill Road, Pink Hill

Score: 96

Inspection date: 6/17


No certified food protection manager present;

Packaged lettuce stored on top of open package of raw bacon;

Water faucet attached to inlet of water tank for potable water is soiled;

Foods in dorm refrigerator are not cold enough;

Rice in approximately 4" layer cooling in dorm refrigerator with air temperature well above 45F - moved to prep refrigerator;

Stem-type thermometer does not function;

Cloth lines bottom of prep refrigerator - this may harbor bacteria as food storage bags of raw meat are placed on top of it;

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