Lenoir County land transfers for May 3-9

Lenoir County land transfers for May 3-9

The following land transfers were filed with the Lenoir County Register of Deeds:

May 3 — Walter R. Seymore to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 2804 CJ's Lane

May 3 — Perry Moore to Tar Heel Housing Center Inc., 2662 Old Vance Drive

May 3 — Willie A. Waddell to Norma F. Meza, 506 Knobb Street/507 East Shine Street

May 3 — Warren E. Howard Jr. to Modesto Castaneda, 6721 U.S. 258 South, .58 acre

May 3 — James H. Justice to Timothy Kennedy, 106 East Lynwood Avenue, Pink Hill township

May 3 — Ramon L. Davis trust to Angela K. Pitt, Falling Creek township, lot 4, F.R. Everett property

May 3 — Alfred Cobb to Towauta Cobb, 1621 Cameron Langston Road, .8 acre

May 3 — Peter Damroth to Jonathan Brown, lot 6, block E, Colonial Pines subdivision

May 6 — Frances T. Outlaw to Bryce Outlaw, Neuse township, state road 1162, .87 acre

May 6 — Ervin J. Cunningham Sr. to A&S Properties of Clayton Inc, Falling Creek township, lot 10, block C, Hickory Hills

May 6 — Valentine Amusement Park Inc. to Randall E. Bays, Contentnea Neck township

May 6 — Charlotte K. Adams to Jessie R. Harrison, Rosedale and Oriental Avenue, William C. White subdivision

May 6 — Richard M. Baker to Jason Davenport, Southwest township, 4.67 acres

May 6 — Vallie R. Odham to Dept. of Transportation, no address listed

May 7 — South Group Investments LLC to Jose Benitez, Independent Street, no further address

May 7 — Tyrone Spencer to Howard R. Manning, Moseley Hall township, lot 46, Leisure Estates

May 7 — Christine S. Harrison to Kinston Art and Cultural District LLC, 407 West Blount Street

May 7 — Barbara F. Stepps to Bank of New York Mellon, lot 3, Bailey's Park Lane, .55 acre

May 7 — Joan C. Sutton to Edward W. Sutton, lot 2B, McArthurs Acres, Walters Road, Moseley Hall township

May 7 — Apex Bank to Christopher R. Moore, 4205 Hugo Road, Contentnea Neck township, .401 acre

May 8 — Gene S. Baker to Patricia S. Baker, Falling Creek township, lot 3B, Hyde Park subdivision

May 8 — Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Aaron Davis, Trent township, state road 1144 and N.C. 11

May 8 — Virginia P. Lepene to Brandon S. Earley, Institute township, lot 32, Dogwood Creek

May 8 — RKL Financial Corporation to GCSG Investments Ltd., 809 Herbert Drive, Uplands Park

May 8 — Jerry A. Kennedy to County of Lenoir, Contentnea Neck township, .509 acre

May 9 — William R. Bizzell to Broadway Limited Holdings LLC, Pink Hill township, lot 4

May 9 — Leigh S. Turner to C&C Vineyards Inc., Lenoir and Duplin counties, no address listed

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