Reece Gardner: Don't forget to vote in the GOP second primary

Reece Gardner: Don't forget to vote in the GOP second primary

Here’s yet another reminder about the upcoming second Republican primary for the U.S. House seat of Walter B. Jones. In early voting, which will run from Wednesday, June 19 through Friday, July 5, 8:30 a.m. til 5 p.m., there will be one central location where we can cast our ballots. 

In Lenoir County that location is at the Election Board office, 110 S. Heritage St., Kinston. If you live in any of the other 16 counties in the 3rd Congressional District, please be sure to find out where your central voting location will be. 

On Tuesday,  July 9, all polling places will be open, at which time either Dr. Joan Perry or Dr. Greg Murphy will be chosen to represent the GOP in this very important position, with the one chosen moving on to the general election on Tuesday, Sept. 10, to face Democrat Allen Thomas, Libertarian Tim Harris and Constitutionalist Greg Holt. 

Folks, let's make our voices heard where they count most — at the ballot box. 

We must be on constant alert to protect the wonderful way of life we enjoy in this great land of America.  Looking back on just the past few years, it is scary to discover how close we had become to losing our freedom. 

The alleged secret efforts that are coming to light reveal how so-called leaders in this country — people who were the decision-makers for the Justice Department, FBI, National Security, CIA and others — were looking upon themselves as the ones who must determine how our country operates.

This allegedly led to spying, lying, midnight raids on homes and businesses and a coup attempt to overthrow a duly-elected President. Not only must these practices stop, they also must never be allowed to reach that "point of no return” again.  

Now let's turn to some words of wisdom which, in many ways symbolize the way the overwhelming majority of people in this country — and indeed in this world — seek to make things better for themselves and others:

  1. Just one person saying "You've made my day," makes my day

  2. Having a little child fall asleep in your arms is one of the most peaceful feelings in the world

  3. Being kind is more important than being right

  4. Sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand

  5. Love, not time, heals all wounds

  6. Many people desire to live on top of the mountain, but most all the happiness occurs while we're climbing it.

  7. And finally, I wish I could have told My Emma  that I loved her ONE MORE TIME before she passed away.

Now, let's close on a humorous note: A Canadian tourist is fascinated by the Native American way of life and culture, so he decides to visit a reservation in the U.S. to find out more.

After a long and dusty drive through the Arizona desert, he finally arrives at the reservation. Soon after his arrival, the tourist meets an old chief who claims to remember everything that ever happened in his life.  The tourist is curious and asks the chief, "What did you have for breakfast on your fifth birthday?" 

Without hesitation, the chief replied, "Eggs." 

The tourist was very impressed by this and he never forgot the chief's words even after his visit had long since ended. Ten years later, he returns to the reservation and is surprised to see the same old chief again. 

He approaches the chief, puts his hand up flat, and greets him with, "How."

To which the old chief responded, "Scrambled."

Have a wondrous day!

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