Lenoir County property transfers for April 25 through May 2

Lenoir County property transfers for April 25 through May 2

The following land transfers were filed with the Lenoir County Register of Deeds:

4/25, John C. Crawford Jr. to Taylor G. Medlin, 105 Summit Avenue;

4/25, Anne W. Evans to Oscar Rouse, lot 4, block B, Westhaven subdivision;

4/26, NRZ REO VI-B LLC to Amanda M. Downs, 2743 Silo Road;

4/26, Harvey Enterprises Inc. to Hope Restorations Inc., Kinston township, lots 12-16, Mitchell property;

4/26, Harvey Enterprises to Christopher B. Grady, Falling Creek township, lot 1, Hyde Park subdivision;

4/26, John O. McNairy to 803 North Queen Street LLC, four lots;

4/26, Burrows Real Estate Partners LLC to Leigh H. McNairy, four lots, (no address listed);

4/26, Lewis S. Hines to Brandon S. Hines, Trent township, two tracts;

4/26, Kassie L. Everette to D&M Property Management, Contentnea Neck township;

4/29, Rom M. Harper to Brian W. Harper, Trent township, two tracts;

4/29, Angelo S. Fordham to Wyonee F. Daniels, Neuse township, two parcels;

4/29, Dennis C. Taylor Sr. to Dennis C. Taylor Jr., five acres, state road 904/1913;

4/29, Donna Riggs/admr to Jessica Caudle, Moseley Hall township, U.S. 70, 8.719 acres, tract 3;

4/29, Penelope A. Miller to Freeman's Investments LLC, lot 8, block B, Liberty Hill Park;

4/29, Bruce W. Taylor to 4GG LLC, Sloan Street and Farm Road, lot 6, M.H. Wooten subdivision;

4/29, Geroge J. Smith Jr. to George James Smith III, 10.29 acres, (no address listed);

4/29, Lizzie G. Williams to Eastern Housing LLC, Dixon Street, W.R. Dixon subdivision, lot 29;

4/29, William M. Raynor to Ralph B. Ottinger Sr., Institute township, .972 acre

4/29, Sue R. Raynor to Ralph B. Ottinger Sr., Institute township;

4/29, Cecil A. Jarman to Austin M. Jarman, Pink Hill township, 2.410 acres;

4/29, Kathy S. Harper to Karen S. Strickland, U.S. 258, lots 2-4, Woodington township;

4/29, Gerald P. Elmore Jr. to David H. Stallings Jr., Moseley Hall township, 2 acres;

4/29, Joan C. Sutton to Joy M. Sutton, lot 2-A, state road 1516, Alphonso Walters Road, McArthur Acres subdivision;

4/30, Compound Investments LLC to Prima Properties Inc., Falling Creek township, four parcels;

4/30, Vickie C. Taylor to Jennifer C. Lunesford, Pink Hill township, lot 26;

4/30, Corey D. Harrison to Jeffrey L. Williford, lot 5, block 1, Colonial Pines subdivision, Kinston township;

5/01, Sharon R. Wetherington to Timmy E. Mossberg, Trent township, lot 16, Pinehaven;

5/01, Wayne A. Provencher to David R. Kephart, Neuse township, two tracts, Windsor Farm;

5/01, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Elando D. Bouie, Kinston township, 2198 Wallace Family Road, .28 acres;

5/01, Robert V. Dail to Norman R. Wayne, 310 Trianon Street, Kinston;

5/01, Chris L. Holmes Jr. to Chris C. Avery, Neuse township, .6667 acres, port tract two;

5/01, L.E. Smith Inc. to Angela McNair, Vance township, lot 43, 1925 Charlie Circle;

5/01, L.E. Smith Inc. to Carolyn Russell, Vance township, lot 16, Forest Hills, 2645 Rebecca Lane;

5/02, Vernon C. Sorrell to Alvester Finch, Moseley Hall township, .77 acre;

5/02, Tommy L. Downer Jr. to Branch Banking and Trust, 2104 Emerson Road, Kinston township;

5/02, Clara L. Criste to Jodie E Tyndall, Woodington township, 1.77 acres;

5/02, Barrett D. Reaves to Forest Q. Brown, Sand Hill township, lot 3, 1.31 acres, Alonzo Lovick Estate;

5/02, Ray W. Sutton to Van Leer Capital LLC, Kinston township, 19.65 acres;

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