Sponsored: Chick-fil-A mobile app continues to grow in Kinston

Sponsored: Chick-fil-A mobile app continues to grow in Kinston

It’s far from a secret in Kinston.

The Chick-fil-A mobile app has taken off in Kinston, giving customers the ability to earn points each time food or drinks are purchased from an establishment. Kinston Chick-fil-A marketing director Wendi Howard said about 5,000 customers are currently in the system, visiting the restaurant, using the app and reaping random benefits.

“We have Mobile Monday events where if a customer purchases something that day, on Wednesday we’ll send them anything from a frosted lemonade to a chocolate chunk cookie and even a chicken sandwich,” Howard said. “Also, if we know a guest is having a special event like a graduation, birthday or having a new baby, we’ll send a special delight — we want to celebrate in their achievements as well.”

The rewards program started in August, with customers having the ability to earn points for purchases.

For each dollar spent, a person with the app can earn 10 points starting out and with repeated purchases can upgrade their status from a Chick-fil-A one member to the Silver tier (meaning 11 points for every dollar spent) and then the red tier (12 points per dollar.)

Howard said the app has not only provided customers with rewards, but additional convenience.

“If someone’s looking to place an order on the mobile app from the drive-thru, they’re eliminating two of the most time-consuming parts —placing the order through the speaker box and payment,” Howard said. “With carryout, someone can place their order on the way and it’ll notify them when it’s ready.

“I’ve talked to guests who came in during a rush, stepped out of line to place a mobile order and were able to get their food quickly.”

Gracie Herring, who works at Chick-fil-A, said it’s a delight to see customers use the app.

“It’s super exciting to see people use their points for the first time and react when they get a free menu item,” Herring said. “Almost every customer I come across uses the Chick-fil-A app or is curious about it. Everyone loves free food and earning points, and the app contributes to both of those things.”

Howard said the next step for the evolution of the mobile app is assisting those who are dining in.

“We have numbers at each table so guests can type in the additional notes that they are dining in at ‘Table 7’ and we will bring it to them on a tray,” Howard said. “The QR code at each table allows them to learn about the app and download it.”

Besides using the phone for the app, customers can go online to chick-fil-a.com/one to set up an account.

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