Lenoir County land transfers for Feb. 5 through March 4

Lenoir County land transfers for Feb. 5 through March 4

The following land transfers were filed with the Lenoir County Register of Deeds:

02/05, Charle R. Keel Jr. to Nancy D. Keel, Kinston township, lot 9, block C, Hardee Heights

02/05, Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Peggy R. Hicks, lot 32, section 1, Brakefield, Moseley Hall township

02/05, Eugene K. Forrest to Jazmin Henriquez, Falling Creek township, lot 4, block B, Castle Oaks

02/06, Bradley Magoon to State Employees' Credit Union, 506 West Boundary Street, lot 7

02/06, Joseph E. Ewanchew to Angela P. Barwick, 1832 Roy Sutton Road, Moseley Hall township

02/06, PCMH Management Inc. to Keith B. Rouse, two parcels, no address listed

02/07, Jerry C. Boyette to Al Vazquez, 102 West King Street, Kinston township

02/07, Grace D. Hill to Leslie K. Hill, Neuse township, Wheat and Back Street, lot 141

02/07, BDS Residential Properties LLC to David C. Hatcher, Institute township, lots 1-15, Dail Pointe Drive

02/07, Minnie L. Lovick to Harvey L. Perry, Sandhill township, two tracts

02/08, Judith W. Jones to Stephen C. Foss, Moseley Hall township, state road 1603 and Washington Street

02/08, Mellie L. Swaney to Brenda F. Johnson, 318 Trinity Lane, Neuse township

02/08, Glynda S. Thornton to George J. Smith III, Falling Creek township, U.S. 258, Hullwood

02/08, Kelley H. Black to SPL Enterprises LLC, Moseley Hall township, 309 South Wooten Street, lot 5

02/08, Cary R. Howard to Gregory S. Freeman, Woodington township, 4.28 acres

02/08, Danny E. Waters Jr. to Steven A. Miller, Falling Creek township, lot 24, Wellington phase II

02/11, William R. Lews by AIF to Conner Jackson, Moseley Hall township, 1 acre

02/11, Margie J. Gooding to Thomas L. Walters II, Sandhill township, state road 1804 and N.C. 55, lot 4

02/11, Brenda D. Kennedy to Jennifer A. Kennedy, N.C. 903 and state road 1505, 1.04 acres

02/12, Bank of New York Mellon to Longfor LLC, 1892 Strawberry Branch Road, Southwest township

02/12, E.I. DuPont De Nemours and Company to DuPont Specialty Products USA LLC, N.C. 11 North

02/12, Wells Fargo Bank to Nicholas K. Nethercutt, 2923 Cherry Lane, Lakewood subdivision

02/12, Paul S. Pridgen to Israel Haro-Hernandez, Pink Hill township, lot 2, 1.056 acres

02/12, Pamela B. Phillips to Melanie D. Suddreth, two tracts, no address listed

02/13, CMC Funding Inc. to Brandon E. Connor, 2695 Mark N. Smith Road, lots 2-A and 2-B

02/13, Kevin L. Bell to Danny E. Waters Jr., Institute township, tract A

02/14, Kimberly H. Braxton to Gerald B. Cuddington, Contentnea Neck township, two tracts

02/14, Zachary C. Bumgarner to Rodney L. Blackburn, Trent township, 1.14 acres

02/15, Marshall E. Blad to Blake A. Curtis, Kinston township, 139 Spence Drive

02/15, Branch Banking and Trust Company to Joe's Construction LLC, Hardee Heights subdivision

02/15, Emmanuel Holiness Church to Sheryl Phillips Ministries Inc., West Washington Street and Walston Avenue

02/15, R&R Property Investments LLC to Carolyn M. Harris, lot 8, block A, section 2, Perry Park

02/15, Timothy C. Stroud III to House Fitters Inc., lot 1, .82 acre, no address listed

02/15, Imogene Daughety to James T. Daughety Jr., Contentnea Neck township, 1.65 acres

02/19, Becky O. Berry to Lisa C. Weddle, 1.623 acres, no address listed

02/19, Vickie Q. Harris to SAFE Investments LLC, Woodington township, 6.43 acres

02/19, John R. Fieldds to Patsy L. Austin, Moseley Hall township, .50 acre

02/20, Bobby G. Tyndall to Travis R. Kennedy, Pink Hill township, .967 acre

02/20, Manuel D. Arcion by AGT to Matthew T. Baker, lot 16, Fox Run of Kinston

02/20, Paul S. Pridgen to Margaret A. Hammond, Pink Hill township, 1.222 acres, lot 1

02/20, Vincent M. Turner to Chase E. Pate, Contentnea Neck township, state road 1727

02/21, Ray W. Beard to Hill Realty LLC, Blount and Mitchell Street

02/22, Joshua D. Gammon to State Employees Credit Union, lot 31, Falling Creek township, .41 acre

02/22, Joe P. Sutton Trust to Joe P. Sutton, Moseley Hall township, 37.71 acres

02/22, Joe P. Sutton Trust to Jeffrey A. Sutton, Moseley Hall township, 37.71 acres

02/22, First Choice Homes Inc. to Cody A. Grimes, Trent township, two tracts

02/22, Branch Banking and Trust Company to Kerry-Ann Garrick, 918 Lynn Drive

02/26, Leslie T. Heath to David J. Harrell Jr., Institute township, 1.07 acres

02/26, David J. Harrell Jr. to WJE Properties LLC, three parcels, no address listed

02/26, Shedena R. Weaver to Danny Robinson Sr., Vance township, 217 Christian Lane, lot 13

02/27, Yvonne Wyche to Gloria K. Jackson, 1115 Desmond Street, Kinston township

02/27, Kenneth Davis to Willis Olds, 901 Pamela Drive, Kinston township

02/27, Danny E. Baysden to Antonio J. Glenn, Kinston township, two parcels

02/27, Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing of Urban Development, Kinston township, 2901 1/2 Rouse Road

02/27, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Stephen R. Cannon, Vance township, 5209 Tick Bite Road

02/28, Emilio Macias to Jeovany Bautista, Trent township, .59 acre, lot 28

02/28, Nyra H. Hager to Cathy H. Powell, N.C. 11 and state road 1745, 18.9 acres

02/28, Cathy H. Powell to Tucker M. Powell, Kinston township, N.C. 11 and state road 1745, 18.9 acres

02/28, James D. Newman to Krystal G. Westbrook, Neuse township, 1.1 acres

02/28, Dukes Properties and Construction to Progressive Asset Group LLC, 107 East Daniels Street

02/28, Dukes Properties and Construction to Progressive Asset Group LLC, 212 East Vernon Avenue

02/28, REO Realty LLC to CMD Investments LLC, Stroud Avenue and Dixon Street, Kinston township

02/28, Johnny L. Kennedy to Steven R. Casper Jr., Trent township, tract C, 2.43 acres

03/01, Sylvia W. Phillips Estate to Reid W. Phillips, 36.5 acres, no address listed

03/01, Laverne J. Anderson Trust to Bellacruz Carrier Company LLC, Kinston township, lots 37 and 38, Sunshine Park subdivision

03/01, Rosalind S. McDonald to St. John Free Will Baptist Church, 411 East Blount Street

03/04, 5719 Howard Family Road LLC to Sandra S. Watkins, Pink Hill township, 5719 Howard Family Road, 37.5 acres

03/04, Terrance Garris to Daiquan L. Phillips, 5925 St. Thomas Court, lot 7, Pineridge

03/04, Sovereign Real Estate Corporation to Donna H. Jarman, Falling Creek township, 3 tracts

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