JLL looks to raise money, assist the community

JLL looks to raise money, assist the community

Junior Leadership Lenoir recently toured Neuse News, Magic Mile Media , Potter Photography & Design and Art 105.

The Junior Leadership of Lenoir needs the support of its community.

The organization is comprised of high school seniors from across Lenoir County and helps them learn more about local business while networking. Ashley Chadwick, who runs the organization, said the program is in its seventh year and helped more than 80 students, including 15 this year.

“The Junior Leadership of Lenoir is a program through the (Kinston-Lenoir County) Chamber of Commerce, where we take seniors from all six area high schools and have them experience different tracts of businesses here,” Chadwick said. “The students can learn about business and hopefully develop their talents to help Lenoir County.”

Currently, the JLL is raising money for a trip to Orlando, Fla. as the students plan to attend the Disney YES Leadership Experience March 24-28.

“They’ll learn different types of leadership skills and help develop their style,” Chadwick said. “It’s important for them to develop their brand and pick up tools for their future.”

South Lenoir’s Jacob Hunter said he would be grateful for the chance to participate in the leadership program.

“I’m excited about the opportunity and it’s been fun meeting members of the community,” Hunter said. “I want to help as many people out as I can (through JLL).”

North Lenoir’s Jamell Mumford said the organization has helped open his eyes more about Lenoir County.

“I didn’t know there were so many businesses here in Lenoir County and how they impact Kinston as a whole,” Mumford said.

Abigail Ormond, who also attends North Lenoir, said she appreciates being able to interact with other schools.

“One of my favorite events was doing activities at the Lenoir County Cooperative Extension, where I got to work with people I hadn’t before,” Ormond said. “I’m used to working with Jamell because we go to the same school, but not used to working with others, which was fun.”

South Lenoir’s Austin Modlin said JLL has given him another perspective of the area.

“I used to live in Simon Bright and didn’t think there were a lot of opportunities,” Modlin said. “There are a lot of interesting businesses here and I (once) thought Kinston was a dead-end place, but there is (plenty) going on.”

Arendell Parrott Academy’s Drew Dacey said JLL has helped her learn more about Lenoir County.

“I’m not originally from (here),” Dacey said. “This has given me the chance to see a different side of (Lenoir County), more than just going to school or hanging out with my friends at the coffee shop. Lenoir County is a little different from Craven County, and I’ve been able to see how Kinston (operates).”

If you would like to donate, visit the JLL Facebook page. The organization will also have a Chick-fil-A Spirit Night on Tuesday, Feb. 12 to raise money for the event.

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