Lenoir County restaurant inspections from Aug. 6 through Aug. 11

Lenoir County restaurant inspections from Aug. 6 through Aug. 11

The following restaurant inspections were conducted by the Lenoir County Health Department:


601 West Vernon Avenue, Kinston
Score: 95.5
Inspection date: 8/6
Some food in large prep top and salad unit were above 45F. Unit had been open frequently due to lunch rush. Keep lid closed as much as possible;
Many flies in kitchen;
Wiping cloth bucket at the front sanitizer was not strong enough;
Dishes stacked wet - repeat violation;
Gasket on small reach-in cooler is tearing;
Shelving under prep tables, air-drying cart, and plastic on shelving in walk-in needs additional cleaning - repeat violation;
Baseboard beside three-compartment sink and some ceiling tiles are in disrepair. Walls and ceilings need additional cleaning - repeat violation;

Jin Jin Chinese Restaurant

304-B East Washington Street, La Grange
Score: 95
Inspection date: 8/8
No hand towels at sink in customer restroom or employee restroom;
Cleaner in bottle was not properly labeled;
Rear screen door is not tight fitting;
Sauce bucket stored on the floor;
No sanitizer in wiping cloth bucket and wet wiping cloths laying on drain board;
Remove stickers from all food containers;
Two-compartment sink leaks;


4535 US 70 West, Kinston
Score: 94.5
Inspection date: 8/9
Some dishes were visibly dirty;
Chilli put in well around 7:30 a.m. was 123-146F. Food shall be reheated to 165F within two hours;
An employee was prepping food without wearing hat or hair net;
Wet wiping cloth was laying on drain board;
Dishes were stacked wet;
Hot drawers, outsides of equipment and shelving need additional cleaning;
Dumpster doors and lids left open - repeat violation;
Tiles cracked close to can wash and office;

Ma's Hotdog & Variety

2515 US 258 South, Kinston
Score: 91
Inspection date: 8/9
No certified food protection manager on site;
Raw hamburger stored above raw eggs;
Country sausage at 96F cooling at room temperature. Hot foods shall be cooled from 135F-70F within two hours, then from 70F to below 45F within four more hours;
Sliced cheese and raw eggs at 65F and 61F at room temperature, respectively;
Consumer advisory shall be marked the same as the foods it applies to on the menu;
Keep employee meds near front counter instead of in kitchen area;
Spray sanitizer stored in container previously used for another chemical;
Sausage cooling at room temperature;
Frozen chicken thawing at room temperature - shall be thawed in refrigerator, under cold running water or in microwave;
Rusty, damaged areas on shelving in back room;
Domestic equipment in kitchen not approved;
Square-cornered sink should be cove-cornered.
Many surfaces throughout have hard-to-clean areas and are soiled;
Damaged refrigerator gaskets. Rusty areas;
Wash/rinse/sanitizer explained incorrectly;

Little J's Pizza

401 East Washington Street, La Grange
Score: 98
Inspection date: 8/11
Marinated chicken in reach-in was 50-53F. Cool prepped food within four hours;
Dishes were stacked wet;

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