Lenoir County restaurant inspections Aug. 12 through Aug. 21

Lenoir County restaurant inspections Aug. 12 through Aug. 21

The following restaurant inspections were conducted by the Lenoir County Health Department:

Nana's Catering

2047 Southwood Road, Kinston

Score: 94.5

Inspection date: 8/14


Several items exceed 45F - meats and produce for salads were placed on ice for working supply;

Observe disposal dates for date marked items;

Must have 0-220 stem thermometer;

Keep wet wiping cloths in bucket of clean sanitizer;

Keep plastic ware in outer storage area protected from contamination;


3601 N.C. 55, Kinston

Score: 90.5

Inspection date: 8/14


Bathroom was out of paper towels;

Several tongs, fry pans, etc. were not clean;

Hamburgers, chili, turkey, cheese not greater than/equal to 135F;

Several cold-hold problems;

Flies present;

Keep wet-wiping cloth solution between 50-100 ppm;

Dishwasher was dirty and 99F - was brought up to 120F;

Clean shelving, utensil sink, inside refrigerator;

Septic system is not sized for the number of seats present;

The Peach House

412 West Vernon Avenue, Kinston

Score: 99

Inspection date: 8/15


Some food in prep unit was above 45F;

Flies in kitchen;

Handles on prep unit on the right are broken and have tape on them;


7858 U.S. 70 West, Kinston

Score: 93.5

Inspection date: 8/16


Cajun filets, supremes and some patty sausage were less than 135F;

Thermometer was not properly calibrated;

Many flies in kitchen;

Wet-wiping cloths laying on drain board - shall be in sanitizer;

Gasket on small milk cooler is tearing;

Hood, biscuit area, carts, gaskets, bottom of reach-in freezer, and shelving needs additional cleaning - repeat violation;

Floor cover in front of walk-in door and in front flat top is missing;

Food Lion Deli

2410 North Herritage Street, Kinston

Score: 98

Inspection date: 8/20

Clean backs of baking sheets and tongs better;

Clean dust off wall behind utensil rack over sink;


4499 US 70 West, Kinston

Score: 96.5

Inspection date: 8/21


Many flies and gnats in kitchen;

Sanitizer in wiping cloth buckets was soiled;

Dishes stored on floor under three-compartment sink;

Sugar bin, shelving, top of dish machine and outside of equipment needs additional cleaning;

Some grout needs to be replaced in front of three-compartment sink;

Light cover missing in back room above bun storage;

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Dr. Escabi: I am part of my community

Dr. Escabi: I am part of my community

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