Lenoir County land transfers July 16 through August 3

Lenoir County land transfers July 16 through August 3

The following land transfers were registered with the Lenoir County Register of Deeds:

7/16, Timothy A. Harrison to Frederick Harrison Jr., Institute township, 2.5 acres

7/16, Timothy A. Harrison to Jill H. Wiggins, Institute township, 2.5 acres

7/16, Myrtle Sutton to Krown Properties, .5 acre, 303 South Center Street

7/16, Frederick L. Waller to Larry D. Walston, Kinston township, lot 4, Briary II

7/16, Jean B. Motley to Steven G. Lanier, 1203 Barbara Lane, lot 4, block C

7/16, How Corp. LLC to Roy A. Dawson, Kinston township, lot 12, West Vernon Avenue

7/17, James and Duan M. Wooten to Francisco Lopez-Colmenares, Moseley Hall township, lot 22, Leisure Estates

7/17, Houston B. Howard Jr. to Estefany Diaz, Pink Hill township, lot 23, West Walnut and Turner Street

7/17, Marvin R. Moore to Charles L. Stanley, Neuse township, lot B, Ben O. Fordham property

7/17, Lou E. Meeks to Apex Bank, Contentnea Neck township, 4205 Hugo Road, .401 acre

7/17, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Thomas Moran, 5 acres, 2531 Quinn Saw Mill Road

7/18, Ledel M. Staton to Alfred Cobb, Contentnea Neck township, .80 acre, state road 1725

7/19, James H. Hartman to PIV LLC, 7 tracts, Kinston township

7/19, Lucy W. Marston to Eastern Outdoor Holdings LLC, lot 3, Perry Park condominium

7/19, Kenneth Ray Boyette to Christopher Weidenhammer, Trent township, two tracts

7/19, Bradley S. Miller to James T. Cavenaugh Jr., Pink Hill township, 4.22 acres

7/19, Joseph N. Ard to Julius T. Ard, Pink Hill township, .475 acre

7/19, Barbara T. White to Rupert S. Rhodes Jr., Neuse township, 20 acres

7/19, Laura T. Kellum to Michael W. White, two tracts, Neuse township

7/19, Barbara T. White to Rupert S. Rhodes Jr., Neuse township

7/23, Jessica Locklear to Christopher P. Grady, Pink Hill township, .9 acre, 4038 Duplin County Road

7/23, Branch Banking and Trust Company to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, lot 16, 104 North Adkin Street

7/23, James C. Farrow to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1710 Randolph Farrow Road

7/24, Christopher S. Wood to Tyrell J. Vincent, Moseley Hall township, lot 3, .749 acre

7/24, Therman A. Malpass to Barry Malpass, Pink Hill township, .99 acre, Old Pink Hill Road

7/24, James N. Anderson to Paul E. Porterfield, 5152 Carr Drive, Josh C. Worthington subdivision

7/24, Preston L. Sutton to Robert M. Smith, Falling Creek township, Whitfield Acres

7/24, Neighborhood Housing Group LLC to Karl Johnson, Vance township, 1.15 acres

7/24, Mary H. Oliver to Mark A. Mann, 2209 Parker Ford Road, Woodington township, .162 acre

7/26, Jamie P. McConiga to Jaymeson D. Levey, Neuse township, lot 13, Chase Trails subdivision

7/26, William E. Cleve Jr. to Michael M. Edmondson, Fox Run Circle, 1.01 acre

7/26, James S. Perry/Bessie Smith estate to Harrison T. Wilson, Falling Creek township, lot 5, .48 acre

7/27, Jim B. Potter to Raymond K. Cox, Contentnea Neck township, state road 1720/1722, .865 acre

7/27, Rayner Grocery Inc. to East Kinston Housing, 12 tracts, no address listed

7/27, Rayner Grocery Inc. to Susan Rayner Smith, lot 9, block E, Hardee Heights subdivision

7/27, Susan Rayner Smith to East Kinston Housing, 1709 Windsor Road, lot 9, block E

7/27, Rayner Rentals Inc. to East Kinston Housing, 902 Wallace Lane, lots 142 - 146

7/27, Branch Banking and Trust to Billy R. Adams Jr., lot 12, Brentwood subdivision

7/27, Darris Gooding to Ezekiel Kornegay, Kinston township, College and Washington Street

7/27, Roger E. Mewborn Jr. to William C. Croom, Falling Creek township, 1.25 acres

7/27, Jerry M. Stroud Sr. to Eliseo Izquierdo, Pink Hill township, lot 3, .59 acre

7/30, Deborah T. Hardee to Luther E. Hardee, 10 tracts, no address listed

7/30, Garland Nobles Jr. to Leroy Way Sr., Kinston township, 739 Cavalier Circle, lot 60

7/30, Dunn and Perry LLC to Stella Bella LLC, Kinston township, Blount Street

7/30, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Lester E. Maye, 5253 Skeeter Pond Road

7/31, Margaret Davis to Louis V. Didonato Jr., College Street and West Washington Avenue

7/31, David M. Dodson to Anthony Santarpio, Falling Creek township, lot 20, section 2, Castle Oaks

8/1, Richard W. Lewis Jr. to Barney L. Steele, .21 acre

8/1, Terrie M. Chesney to Wells Fargo Bank, 2901 1/2 Rouse Road, Kinston township

8j/1, William R. Davis to Dempsey E. Smith, Pink Hill township, 3.37 acres

8/1, Wanda D. Orr/exr to Patrick Armatys, Trent township, tract 4

8/1, Barbara T. White to Gurney R. Chase, Neuse township

8/2, John A. Davis to Kayla N. Boyette, Pink Hill township, Broadway Street/Central Avenue/Front Street

8/2, James D Barnett to Justin Barnett, lot 7, tract 2, 3.37 acres

8/2, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Landon Emory, 4410 Johnson Place Road, Contentnea Neck township

8/3, Sasnett and Sons Logging Company to Steven W. Sasnett, Sand Hill township, 1.4 acres

8/3, Demetrius B. Brown to Reuben L. Hill Jr., 1.68 acres, Contentnea Neck township, state road 1709/1004

8/3, Zula B. Morris to Keith Neal, Kinston township, lot 1, section 1, Duggins Drive

8/3, Secretary of Housing and Urban Affairs, Jacob Cohen/trustee/Minorities of La Grange, two tracts, 210 Miller Avenue

8/3, Deborah T. Hardee to Jimmie Harper, Dobbs Farm Road, no address listed

8/3, Phillip F. Klott by AIF to William R. Wiggins, lot b, 9 acres, state road 1323


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