Lenoir county land transfers for July 9 through July 13

Lenoir county land transfers for July 9 through July 13

The following land transfers were registered with the Lenoir County Register of Deeds:

7/9, Shannon F. Foster to J. Ward McConnell Jr., 1120 North Queen Street, .339 acres

7/9, Hilda D. Boyd to Wilbert H. Mills, Adkin and Gordon Street

7/9, John N. Fogleman to Emily H. Dawson and James T Davis, Kinston township, Hardee Heights, lot 3

7/9, Linda J. Jones to Joshua C. Tuller, Woodington township, 12 acres

7/9, Frances C. Thompson to Benjamin F. Bruton, Kinston township, lot 10, Grove Park

7/11, Dennis NMN Andrews to U.S. National Bank, state roads 1909/1913

7/11, Paul Moore and Laticia Thomas to CMD Investments, 317 East Gordon Street, Kinston township

7/11, Link William to Barbara Davis and Michael Davis, Sunshine Park subdivision, Kinston township, lots 17 and 18

7/11, Branch Banking and Trust to Thelma J. Vielma, 711 Cameron Drive, Kinston township, Cameron Courts

7/11, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Johnnie E. Hardy, 1903 Hardee Road, Sedgefield Forrest

7/12, Richard D. Parker to James A. Parker, Woodington township, three tracts

7/12, Mark H. Kennedy Jr. to Anthony W. Riley, Moseley Hall township, .453 acre

7/12, Robert G. Gulley to Bryan W. Connor Jr., Perry Park, Club Pines section

7/12, City of Kinston to Danny L. Webb Jr., 221 and 223-227 South Queen Street

7/12, Walter D. Mills to David J. Weaver, Vance township, state roads 1742 and 1732

7/12, Thomas S. Pressly to Vick Holdings Company, Kinston township, Peyton Avenue and North Herritage Street

7/13, Kevin W. Stroud to Morgan Graves, Pink Hill township, tract II, 7/8 acre, lot 5, BC Carter land

7/13, Lakeview Loan Servicing to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 1906 Stanton Road, Sherwood Forest

7/13, Julian C. Dudley Jr. to Michelle Mercer, Vance township, .51 acres, NC 58

7/13, Andrew J. Hill to Bobby Denning Properties, Lot 4, Carrie Blanche Barwick Estate

7/13, Bobby Denning Properties to Andrew J. Hill, lot 4

7/13, Jonathan C. Wallace to Aldo Jimenez, lot 3, Hardee Heights subdivision

7/13, Horace A. Dupree to Streamline Developers Holding Company, Kinston township, Capitola Avenue/McLewean Street/Independent Street

7/13, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Cody J. Harvey, Neuse township, lot 7, 1431 Dylan Drive

7/13, Daniel E. Perry Jr. to Foss Rentals, lot 14, Lake Pines Farms, Moseley Hall township, 10.5 acres

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