Lenoir County restaurant inspections for June 1 through June 11

Lenoir County restaurant inspections for June 1 through June 11

The following inspections were conducted by the Lenoir County Health Dept.:

The Market

222 N. Herritage St., Kinston
Score: 95
Inspection date: 6/1/18
Employee was drinking bottle of water during food prep and stored on prep table;
Employee did not wash hands when entering kitchen or between food prep and dish washing;
Employee sprinkled chives on mashed potatoes and squeezed lemons without gloves on;
Grits from day before were 49F - shall be cooled from 135-70F in two hours and from 70-45F or less within four hours;
Thermometers read 40F in ice water - shall be calibrated to 32F in ice water;
Employee observed prepping food without hat or hairnet;
Sanitizer in wiping cloth bucket was not strong enough;


4171 West Vernon Avenue, Kinston
Score: 90.5
Inspection date: 6/4/18
Clean utensils must be sanitized after washing - utensils on drainboard did not red any sanitizer strength;
Slicer needs to be cleaned;
Backs of baking pans need to be clean and free of greasy film;
Both kinds of lettuce, sliced tomatoes, ham and cheese, cheese out of temperature;
Air temp of prep unit is 52-55F - all foods removed/discarded;
One thermometer is not accurate - manager calibrated on site;
Damp wiping cloth kept on prep line not in sanitizing solution;
Drainage from walk-in condensation line stopped up;
Prep refrigerator still not working - everything removed and service called;
Many surfaces need cleaning;
Pans are stacked/stored wet;
Walls/floors need cleaning;

Piggly Wiggly Deli

2407 North Herritage Street, Kinston
Score: 94.5
Inspection date: 6/4/18
Cold holding needs to be less than or equal to 45F - product pulled, some discarded and some put in freezer;
Need better fly control;
After wiping cloths are soiled put in proper strength sanitizer;
Inside of heating cabinets and refrigeration units need to be cleaned;
Fixtures need to be cleaned;


1344 US 258 South, Kinston
Score: 93.5
Inspection date: 6/5/18
Hot dogs on hot-hold line were 125-131F - removed and reheated;
Eggs (46F), ham (52F), hot dogs (46-47F) in front prep refrigerator. These were moved to walk-in to relieve overcrowding in prep unit;
Flies present;
Baking pans and some pans in back storage stacked wet - also heavy carbon buildup on these pans;
Seal on front of meat holding refrigerator - gasket does not make a tight seal;
Inside of all freezers/refrigerators including doors need cleaning;
Floors, walls, ceilings must be kept clean;
Clean behind and under equipment and around plumbing and electrical conduit;
Lighting out in small storage room;
Make sure employees know dishwater is for washing utensils must be at least 110F when washing;

North Street Burger Bar and Grill

603 East New Bern Road, Kinston
Score: 98.5
Inspection date: 6/6/18
There must be a certified food protection manager on site all hours of operation;
Hot-holding needs to be greater than/equal to 135F - corrected during inspection;
Walk-in not holding temperature to less than/equal too 45F - corrected during inspection;
Inside refrigeration units need to be cleaned;
Floor in kitchen in some areas need to be cleaned;

El Azteca

2928 West Vernon Avenue, Kinston
Score: 96.5
Inspection date: 6/6/18
No certified food protection manager present;
Lettuce and tomatoes on prep top and pork in reach-in were above 45F - must be below 45F;
Pork was cooked on 5/25/18 - potentially hazardous food must be sold or discarded within seven days of being prepped;
Flies in kitchen;
Gaskets on prep door are coming off and plastic coating on inside of door is peeling making it hard to clean;
Gasket on reach-in door is tearing and needs to be repaired;


Byrd's Cafe

709 Kinston Boulevard, Pink Hill
Score: 95.5
Inspection date: 6/7/18
Sanitizer in three-compartment sink is not proper strength - corrected during inspection;
After wiping cloths are soiled put in proper strength sanitizer;
Inside of refrigeration units need to be cleaned;
Bathroom fixtures need to be cleaned;
Some floor tiles are broken/not easily cleanable;


123 East Washington Street, La Grange
Score: 97
Inspection date: 6/7/18
Spaghetti noodles cooked at 9 a.m. were 78F - cool food from 135 to 70F in two hours and from 70 to 45F or lower in four hours;
Lettuce on salad bar, fish in small reach-in and on prep table was above 45F - must be at or below 45F;
Many flies throughout facility;
Outsides of reach-ins, bottom of reach-ins and cart needs additional cleaning;
Floors need additional cleaning - mainly close to back door;

Byrd's Restaurant

196 NC 58 South, Kinston
Score: 98
Inspection date: 6/11/18
There was no sanitizer in water of third sink compartment;
Utensils air-drying showed no sanitizer;
Spray sanitizer bottle and wet wiping cloth bucket were not clearly labeled;
There was no sanitizer in wet wiping cloth bucket;
Lid on bulk flour storage container is in bad repair - owner has new one on order;
This facility is doing a good job on cooling parameters and temperature control;

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