Doesn't matter, Warriors in 4 (Bring on prep basketball)

Doesn't matter, Warriors in 4 (Bring on prep basketball)

Throw the whole doggoned NBA away for a season.

Seriously, I’m about to jump on a bandwagon for the upcoming NHL campaign and become a hockey fan for my professional sports fix. I’ve narrowed my list down to the Carolina Hurricanes, Pittsburgh Penguins and Vegas Golden Knights, simply because I can’t take this anymore.

My column yesterday about LeBron James going to the Lakers was enough for me to anticipate the upcoming prep football season, but not enough to derail my excitement for the NBA. Now, with Demarcus Cousins taking his talents to the land of Mac Dre and E-40 for just $5.3 million, I’ve just about given up.

If healthy the, Golden State Warriors will have an All-Star starting five (Cousins, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant), two former MVPs (Curry, Durant) and a former All-Star and Finals MVP on the bench (Andre Iguodala.)

Yeah, I’m done.

I understand the Warriors drafted Curry, Thompson and Green with none of those guys being top-five selections. I get the fact Kevin Durant was a free agent (even though it’s still one of the most cowardly acts in professional sports history). With the news of no other team contemplating about picking up Cousins, it makes sense for Golden State to swoop in. The rational NBA fan in me gets it — the Warriors were much savvier than the other 29 teams when it came to the new salary cap, along with scouting talent prior to.

The irrational side has given up on the season.

At least there’s going to be a lot of storylines in the area when it comes to high school basketball, and I’m all for them. Many changes have occurred and it’s going to be interesting to see who flourishes toward season end. I mean, these are the surface questions:

With the loss of six seniors and the surprise transfer of Damian Dunn, who will step up for Kinston as the Vikings keep high expectations and reload this season?

Can North Lenoir make it to the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year despite graduating eight players from last season?    

Despite losing four starters from last year — three to graduation — can South Lenoir continue to surprise in the Eastern Carolina Conference?

What will Arendell Parrott Academy look like in Year 2 under Coach Dory Hines after the best year in recent Patriots history?

Bethel Christian Academy will need to replace eight seniors from last year’s team. Will a more home-friendly schedule help, as 19 of 28 games were on the road?

How will new coach Blue Edwards keep the Greene Central train rolling after two of the best seasons in Rams basketball history?

Can Ayden-Grifton harness the immense amount of talent in Little Hollywood to make a run for the ECC crown?

Jones Senior lost star guards Janari Hill and Bryson Murrell, but can a young Trojans core improve in Coach Dexter Cannon’s second year?

Then, you have West Craven — who only lost two seniors from a second-round playoff team — and Washington, who can only improve from here after a rough ECC season debut.

Those are actual narratives, something the NBA has been lacking lately. There are numerous predictions as to how seasons will turn out and it wouldn’t be surprising to hear most of them. I’ll be counting the days until tipoff and revel in some great basketball across the area.

As far as the NBA, wake me up at the end of the NBA Finals’ Game 4 so I can see which Warrior picked up the MVP.  

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