Lenoir County land transfers June 23 through June 29

Lenoir County land transfers June 23 through June 29

The following land transfers were registered with the Lenoir County Register of Deeds:

6/25, Louis M. Tyndall to Charlie W. Pittman, Pink Hil township, .65 acre

6/25, Ronald D. Griffin to Jennifer J. Griffin, Pink Hill township, 4516 Mark N. Smith Road

6/25, Dianne Connor to 406 Darby LLC, lot 1, Rosedale and Westover Avenue

6/25, Woody A. Sutton to William H. Dail, West Washington Avenue and Terminal Street

6/25, Lee C. Jones Sr. to Shauwanna Edwards, Neuse township, .27 acre

6/25, The Village Center to Shernique M. Black, 515 East Washington Street, lots 9 and 10

6/25, Cleveland L. Baker Jr. to Joshua H. Finney, Falling Creek township, 2.64 acres

6/26, Hortan Land Company to First Choice Homes, Moseley Hall township, Brakefield, section 1

6/26, Christopher M. Thompson to Michael T. Boyette, Lake Pines subdivision, lot 6, Lake Pines Drive

6/26, City of Kinston to Clyde Noble, 920 Herbert Drive, .3 acres

6/27, 21st Mortgage Corporation, Ronald J. Stroud, Trent township, Croom Road and state road 1153, 1 acre

6/27, U.S. Bank National Association to Ernest A. Anderson, 4266 Ben Dail Road, Institute township, .7 acre

6/27, Ritch Properties to O.A. Ritch Jr., Kinston township, two parcels

6/27, Michelle Beatty to Joshua G. Thompson, Falling Creek township, state roads 1001 and 1556

6/28, Ernie T. Thornton to Tammy K. Simon, Trent township, two tracts

6/28, David B. Davis to Rudolph Grenz III/Glenn R. Walker, 402 Greenmead Drive

6/28, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Glenn Worthington, 2904 Ginger Road

6/28, David Gervasi to Robert J. Civils, Falling Creek township, lot 63, Castle Oaks subdivision

6/28, Sanderson Farms to Algie E. Jernigan III, lot 3, block A, Sedgefield Forest, section 1

6/28, Stuart G. Raney to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, lot 9, 1906 Stanton Road, Sherwood Forest

6/28, Joseph Moss to Felipe B. Medina, Neuse township, 3.2 acres

6/28, Milton R. Williams II to Mereless LLC, Southwest township, 22.46 acres, NC 58

6/28, Paul E. Porterfield to Deanna J. Noble, 1477 Old Pink Hill Road

6/29, Ronald A. Powell to Susan B. Powell, Trent township, two parcels

6/29, Roger G. Baysden III to Shelba Hill, Trent township, lots 5 and 6, NC 11

6/29, Hoza Nowlin to Entrone S. Jones, Falling Creek township, 2508 Everett Drive, lot 8

6/29, Dexter R. Coward Sr. to Bayview Loan Servicing, 411 301 East Peyton Avenue

6/29, Joseph E. Kinsey/Barbara B. Kinsey to Joseph P. Kinsey, Moseley Hall township, 50 acres

6/29, Elizabeth B. Owens to Suntrust Mortgage, 2600 Pinewood Drive, lot 17

6/29, Warren Billings to Terrence A. Allen, lot 35, Briary, section B

6/29, Mark A. Adkins to Heath A. Fallin, Falling Creek township, lot 24, 1.55 acres

6/29, Tanita Strickland to City of Kinston, 807 Macon Street

6/29, Steven F. Vincent to Donna S. Vincent, Falling Creek township, lot 17, Erwin Hills subdivision

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