Lenoir County restaurant inspections June 11 through June 15

Lenoir County restaurant inspections June 11 through June 15

The following restaurant inspections were conducted by the Lenoir County Health Department:


3601 NC 55, Kinston
Score: 90.5
Inspection date: 6/11/18
Employee washed hands at utensil sink - only use hand-wash lavatory for this purpose;
No sanitizer in 3-compartment wash-rinse-sanitizer process;
Black unapproved refrigerator 59F - foods discarded/moved to other units;
Keep accurate thermometers in all refrigerators;
Keep wet wiping cloths in bucket of sanitizer until water is proper strength;
Flies in kitchen;
Keep single service (trays) in storage room protected in plastic sleeves;
All equipment must be ANSI approved - black refrigerator must be removed;
Inside and outside of freezer and refrigerators need cleaning;
Inside of plastic storage drawers needs cleaning;


5899 NC 11 South, Pink Hill
Score: 97.5
Inspection date: 6/12/18
Must have a certified food protection manager on duty with documentation on site;
Dumpster needs drain plug;

Hwy 55

6018 NC 11 South, Pink Hill
Score: 93
Inspection date: 6/12/18
Employee drinking-cups (and sunglasses) on backroom prep table;
Can opener, pitcher for dipping sugar and breader containers need cleaning;
Chili and raw chicken not properly thawing;
Flies present;
Wet wiping cloths shall be stored in bucket of sanitizer solution;
Label sanitizer bucket;
Stack of cups in dispenser need to be kept in plastic sleeves;
Dried blood and crumbs and drippings on floors of inside refrigerator/freezer units - all shelving and utensil sink needs cleaning - MAJOR CLEANING NEEDED!!;
All refrigerators and freezers need thorough cleaning inside and out;
Hood filters need cleaning;
Brooms, mops, etc. stored where they are in the way of proper floor cleaning;
Lots of items unnecessary for food service operation in back room;
Floors and walls need thorough cleaning;


3001 N. Herritage Street, Kinston
Score: 95
Inspection date: 6/12/18
There must be a certified food protection manager on site all hours of operation;
All hot holding needs to be greater than/equal to 135F;
Some shelving is rusty;
Inside of some refrigeration units and shelving need to be cleaned;
Dumpster area needs to be cleaned;

Pizza Hut

1802 West Vernon Avenue, Kinston
Score: 99
Inspection date: 6/12/18
Need better fly control;

Smith's Cafe

2424 US 258 North, Kinston
Score: 95.5
Inspection date: 6/12/18
No certified food protection manager present;
Employees prepping food without hats, hair nets or beard guards;
Dishes were being dried with a towel - let dishes air dry;
Knives stored in dirty bin;
Paint peeling off shelving in closet - needs to be replaced - repeat violation;

Galaxy Bar and Restaurant

4010 West Vernon Avenue, Kinston
Score: 93.5
Inspection date:
Hand towels were not coming out of dispenser properly;
Dishes and cutting boards had food residue on them - repeat violation;
Chili, sour cream and hot dogs were not date marked;
Employee observed prepping food without hat or hair net;
Glass door refrigerator is not approved for food storage;
Bottom of reach-in cooler needs additional cleaning;
Faucet in kitchen is loose;
Walls behind prep tables and units in disrepair;

Linda Vista Taqueria

202 S. Pine St., Kinston
Score: 92.5
Inspection date: 6/15/18
No certified food protection manager present;
Cold foods in prep refrigerator range from 53-60F - discarded;
Foods have been date marked but some have no date to show when they were removed from freezer;
Two of three stem-type thermometers are not accurate;
Single-service plastic lids are stored to possibly receive contamination;
Walk-in freezer is not freezing food;
Hand-sink in ladies room has slime around drain and in toilet;
Dumpster is open - shall remain closed;
Cabinets for hand-sink in restrooms are damaged and hard to clean;

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