Lenoir County restaurant ratings for May 2018

Lenoir County restaurant ratings for May 2018

The following restaurant inspections were conducted by the Lenoir County Health Department:

Ken's Grill
7645 US 70 West, Kinston
Score: 95
Inspection date: 5/3/18
No hand soap available at hand-sink in pit;
BBQ from walk-in was 50F from day before - must be 45F or less;
Wet wiping cloth observed on counter - shall be stored in sanitizer;
Clean utensils stored in dirty drawer below tea-urn;
Cabinets, shelving, and drawers in disrepair;
Shelving, toaster, grill area in pit room and cabinets need additional cleaning;
Sink in pit leaks;
Grease bins need to be on concrete pad;
Grease bins need additional cleaning;
Floor in pit and kitchen needs additional cleaning;


Fat Baby's
1215 Green Haynes Road, Kinston
Score: 99.5
Inspection date: 5/9/18
Section around doorway to kitchen is not smooth or easily cleanable;

601 West Vernon Avenue, Kinston
Score: 95
Inspection date: 5/10/18
Employee observed rinsing pot before reusing it; dishes must be washed, rinsed and sanitized between uses;
Chicken kabobs and rice were less than 135F - must be at or above 135F - repeat violation;
Sanitizer in wiping cloth buckets was too weak;
Dishes stacked wet;
Melted/broken food containers need to be discarded;
Bottom of reach-in coolers and freezers and microwave need additional cleaning;
Baseboard beside three-compartment sink in disrepair;
Walls and ceilings need additional cleaning - repeat violation;


Hwy 55
4030 West Vernon Ave., Kinston
Score: 98
Inspection date: 5/10/18
Sanitizer for ammonia needs to be 200-400 ppm - corrected during inspection;
Need better fly control;
Inside of refrigerator units need to be cleaned;


2404 Queen Street, Kinston
Score: 97
Inspection date: 5/14/18
Fried chicken was hot holding at 128F - 130F - discarded;
Cold holding needs to be less than/equal to 45F; slaw, potato salad, tomatoes and chicken salad was discarded;
Need better fly control;
Shelving inside refrigeration units need to be cleaned;
Floors and walls are cracked and in bad repair - not easily cleanable;


Carolina's Mexican Restaurant
131 South Caswell Street, La Grange
Score: 85.5
Inspection date: 5/14/18
No certified food protection manager present;
Chicken in steam well was 120F-130F; needs to be 135F or higher;
Sour cream, guacamole, steak and salsa in prep unit were above 45F - must be held at 45F or lower;
Some foods not date marked;
Sanitizer bucket needs to be labeled;
Thermometer was not calibrated;
Many flies in kitchen;
Wet wiping cloths observed laying on counters;
Dishes stacked wet;
Raw wood platform under ice machine needs to be smooth and easily cleanable;
Domestic chest freezer being used - must be commercially certified;
Was water and rinse in three-compartment sink needs to be changed as needed to keep it clean;
Tables, shelving, cart, outside of microwave and top of dish machine needs additional cleaning;
Faucet beside dish machine needs to be repaired;
Baseboard behind chip warmer needs to be repaired;
Floors, walls, and ceilings need additional cleaning;
Light bulbs in hood need to be replaced;


Jin Jin Chinese Restaurant
304-B East Washington Street, La Grange
Score: 94.5
Inspection date: 5/15/18
Food containers were visibly dirty and greasy;
Flies observed in kitchen;
Soy sauce bucket stored on floor below hand-sink - must be stored at least six inches from floor to prevent contamination;
No sanitizer in wiping cloth bucket and wet wiping cloths laying on table; 
Container without handle used to scoop rice; use scoop with handle to prevent contamination;
Light in walk-in freezer not working properly;
Hand-sink in the back did not have hot water;


Kentucky Fried Chicken
1613 West Vernon Avenue, Kinston
Score: 97.5
Inspection date: 5/14/18
Improper air-drying of some pans; still has water on edges;
Shelving and inside of refrigeration units need to be cleaned;
Hole in men's restroom floor needs repair;


Hugo's Grocery and Grill
2951 Hugo Road, Grifton
Inspection date: 5/30/18
Score: 93.5
Employee changes tasks from rinsing pot to food prep without washing hands;
Scoop and two other utensils in kitchen have not been cleaned thoroughly; BBQ pan, BBQ gloves, sauce bottle top in pit have not been cleaned thoroughly;
No log is being kept for two-compartment utensil sink. Log shall be kept daily for kitchen and two-compartment sink when used;
Two foods out of many have not been date marked;
Diced ham in walk-in-in is cool after being diced, but slowly. Immediately spread on sheet pan, loosely covered and placed on top shelf of walk-in refrigerator to chill down quickly to less than 45F;
Stem-type thermometer is not accurate;
Several flying insects present; effective control measures shall be in place;


Golden China Buffet
4147 W. Vernon Ave., Kinston
Score: 88.5
Inspection date: 5/31/18
Employees wash hands in prep sink - shall be washed in hand-wash sink;
Employees cut toast with bare hands;
Flap in ice machine has mold/mildew on it;
Keep accurate log when food is put on buffet line and keep up with time that it needs to be discarded;
Many flies in kitchen;
Food containers placed on floor to be filled with chicken and sauce buckets stored on the floor in walk-in refrigerators;
Fly strips hung from ceiling in kitchen - shall not be hung over food, food prep areas or dishes;
Dishes stacked wet - let air dry before stacking;
Rusty shelving, rusty walk-in doors, rusty floor in front walk-in refrigerator and broken walk-in freezer door need to be repaired - repeat violation;
Shelving, dry food bins, work area and top of dish machine need additional cleaning - repeat violation;
Can wash was dirty and appeared to be clogged - needs to be cleaned and repaired;
Dumpster doors and lids open;
Floors missing tiles and areas where wall is in disrepair need to be repaired to keep them smooth and easily cleanable;
Board over drain is not smooth and easily cleanable - repeat violation;
Floors, walls, and ceilings need additional cleaning;





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