Lenoir County births for May 2018

Lenoir County births for May 2018

Please note: Birth certificate records obtained from the Lenoir County Register of Deeds database list the mother's maiden name. The following records are listed according to filing date. In some cases only one parent is listed:

5/1, Ashton S. Eakes born to Hana Eakes and Michael Ashton;

5/1, Jakiya M. Simmons born to Nia N. Green and Jahmyl Simmons Sr.;

5/2, Zakari Dadeel born to Haeley M. Greene and Zelee Dadeel;

5/4, Baker A. Herring born to Mary M. Baker and Daniel C. Herring;

5/5, Jaxson W. Mattingly born to Kiersten R. Srout and Edward Mattingly Jr.;

5/8, Tamim H. Alnthari born to Hanadi Nagi and Haseeb . Alnthari;

5/8, Ivee A. Martinez born to Jessica N. Grady and Jose L. Martinez;

5/9, Scarlett L. Hernandez born to Danielle Cruse and Samuel P. Hernandez;

5/11, Anissa M. Jones born to Kwana S. Williams;

5/12, Jahleel Hill born to Jasmyne N. Artis;

5/15, Karrcyn M. Holmes born to Derrica D. Holmes;

5/15, Amere M. Brown born to Trevana J. Tolsto;

5/17, Legasi Olds born to Sierrah A. Wyche;

5/18, Kasir F. Carmichael born to Kentaza R. Armstrong and Carmichael Allen Jr.;

5/18, Genesi R. Davis born to Isabel R. Guadarrama;

5/18, Aubree a. McCuiston born to Noharis Rodriguez and Nicholas A. McCuiston;

5/18, Tyvonna C. Stone born to Yvonne P. Stone;

5/19, Jackson R. White born to Dianne L. Hill and Chance L. White;

5/20, Royalty L. Jones born to Laquana V. Jackson;

5/21, Alexa G. Zamora born to Maria G. Pina and Marco Avolos;

5/23, Raynor A. Humiston born to Savannah L. Waller and Malcom S. Humiston;

5/24, Grace M. McLelland born to Heather L. McLelland and Jacob L. Herrmann;

5/25, Josiah K. Cogdell born to Briana N. Cogdell;

5/26, Tariah N. Kenon born to Latonya D. Thomas and Craig T. Kenon;

5/26, Zoey J. Johnson born to Antoinette M. Gravely;

5/26, Jocelyn H. Alvarado born to Jessica H. Rocha and Sergio S. Alvarado Jr.;

5/27, Londyn R. Perry born to Jacoya O. Coward and Daquon J. Perry;

5/27, Attikus R. Schultz born to Chelsea R. Stallings and Zachary T. Shultz;

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