Lenoir County Land Transfers for April 2018

Lenoir County Land Transfers for April 2018

4/2, William H. Olsen to Raymond C. Gregoire, Sand Hill township

4/2, Joyce B. Ipock to Robert B. Goins, Heritage Town Homes, lot 49

4/2, Burnie Braxton to William H. Olsen, Vance township, NC 58/state road 1579

4/3, Carson Becton/Exr to Christopher W. Sowers, Kinston township, 3.86 acres

4/3, James Woodard Daughety III to Eugenio Acevedo, Falling Creek township, lot 13

4/4, Shannon G. Street to Scotty L. Richardson, Moseley Hall township, .66 acre

4/4, Standard Kinston LLC to Center Enterprises Inc., 700 E. New Bern Road

4/4, Ronald K. Gray to Dennis Ray Price Jr., Falling Creek township, lot A, .188 acre

4/4, Albert Johnson Rachide to Susan G. Myers, 207 Park Circle

4/4, KWK LLC to P2NC LLC, 412/414/416 North Queen Street

4/4, Michele G. Rowland to Mirko A. Burke, lot 74, Castle Oaks subdivision

4/4, Richard S. Bostic III to Troy A. Bailey, section 3, Kenwood Acres

4/5, Mark L. Benton to Bank of New York Mellon, NC 11, lots 13, 14

4/5, Nina S. Kupfer by AIF to Seymour Funeral Home/Rouse Funeral Home, 102 N. Caswell Street

4/5, Arla Depasquale to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 1455 Cobblestone Drive

4/5, David C. Edwards to E. Merle and Ollie White Edwards' Foundation Inc., Kinston township

4/5, Garland W. Smith Jr. to Mary E. Turner, 1305 Howard Street

4/5, Eloise C. Beech Properties LLC to Nathaniel Roberts Sr., W.C. Fields Property, Kinston township

4/5, Willie L. James to Cassandra Leonard, 800 Candlewood Drive

4/5, Frances Ricks to EFR Investments LLC, seven parcels

4/5, Robert E. Whitley to 4GG LLC, lot 98, Warren Avenue

4/6, James T. Burns Jr. to Streamline Developers Holding Company LLC, Kinston township, Sherwood Forest

4/6, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to A&S Properties of Clayton Inc., 440 Wendy Lane, lot 30

4/6, Benjamin S. Knight to Howard-Knight Holdings LLC, 108 West Gordon Street

4/6, Donald B. Heath to Ricky D. Cannon, Kinston township, lot 6, Westwood II

4/6, Jason Newbold to Christopher R. Kennedy, Pink Hill township, 1.14 acres, state roads 1104/1105

4/9, Donna Stalnaker to William E. Cleve Jr., Fox Run Circle/Detas Fields, 1.01 acres

4/9, Steven R. Stanton to Bobby R. Ingram, Lenoir County/Duplin County

4/10, Walter C. Graham Jr. to Wells Fargo Bank, 4734 Pauls Path Road

4/10, Harris Johnson Construction Company to Hope Restorations Inc., Old Farm subdivision, lot 10

4/10, George H. West to Lenoir Community College Foundation, lot 2, 1.39 acres

4/10, Judith N. Deme to Keith B. Rouse, lot 54, Heritage Town Homes

4/10, Brian J. Shaw to Walter Poole Realty Inc., 407 Vance township, state roads 1578/1577

4/12, Phil C. Howard to Darron W. Tyndall, Pink Hill township, 9 acres

4/12, Greenbriar Holding LLC to Robert L. Tyndall, 2100 Greenbriar Road

4/12, A&J Bros. LLC to Nguyen Farm LLC, Moseley Hall township, 115.6 acres

4/13, Dennis L. Micheals to Greenbriar Holding LLC, lot 14, Perry Park Woods

4/13, Evelyn G. Broadhurst to Smith Rentals and Investments LLC, Spring Branch Mobile Home Park, lot 20

4/13, State Employees' Credit Union to SECU*RE Inc., 2874 Sybil Drive, FAlling Creek township

4/13, Fannie Mae by AIF to Mynah Investments LLC, 216 E. Washington Street, .25 acre

4/16, Susan M. Tobias to U.S. Bank N.A., 301 West Railroad Street, .99 acre

4/16, Samantha Perkins to Town of La Grange, South Charles Street/West Washington Street

4/16, Edna D. Blizzard to Town of La Grange, two tracts

4/16, Margie S. Smith to City of Kinston, Falling Creek township

4/16, Eleanor D. Stewart to CMD Investments LLC, Tower Hill Road/Adkin Street

4/17, Justin T. Locklear to Jose Luis Lucas, Pink Hill township, 1.73 acres

4/17, Antonia D. Ellison to Dept. of Transportation, Contentnea Neck township

4/18, Carlton Paul Lewis Jr. to Carla A. Hasse, Southwest township tracts, Cobb Road

4/18, Wells Fargo Bank N.A. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 4900 Sidney's Lane, lot 41, Journey's End subdivision

4/18, David M. Rief/Town of La Grange to Phillip S. Grant to Cary Street

4/19, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Cecil H. Tyson, 616 Cameron Drive

4/19, William E. Thomas Jr. to Bayride LLC, Falling Creek township, .81 acre

4/19, North Lenoir Water Corporation to Keith B. Rouse, .337 acre

4/19, Peter F. Coombs to Christine Kinsey, lot 14, Country Acres

4/19, G and L of NC LLC to Church of Faith and Deliverance, Poole Industrial Park, 1.57 acres

4/20, Jo H. Pierce to Dennis L. Michels, Fox Run of Kinston, lot 3

4/20, Betty S. Boone to Alvis E. Boone Jr., Trent township, 2.34 acre

4/20, Cynthia J. Suggs to Charles W. Taylor Jr., Moseley Hall township, state roads 1310/1311, 3.79 acres

4/23, Donnie S. Hall to Branch Banking and Trust Company, Brentwood subdivision

4/23, Octave M. Fletcher to Elizabeth Wooten, Perry Park Woods, Kinston township

4/23, Brenda Hamilton to Timothy Hamilton, Pink Hill township, 1.04 acres

4/25, Lloyd V. Hardee to Hilary G. Hardee, Trent township, 2.085 acres, NC 55/state road 1300

4/26, State Employees' Credit Union to SECU*RE Inc., 216 East Bright Street, Kinston

4/26, County of Lenoir to Clifton Hargett, 915 East Gordon Street

4/26, Susie M. Jones to Margaret Vinciguerra, Pink Hill township, Neil Jones Estate, 4 acres

4/26, Douglas Butner Jr. to Charlres R. Reaves Sr., 3.21 acres

4/27, Charles H. Bowen to Pride of Kinston Inc., East Caswell and Queen Street

4/27, Scarborough Heirs Farms of Lenoir County LLC to Thomas Paul Scarborough, state road 1700, 92/100ths acre 

4/27, SDLP Holdings LLC to Hollis D. Hill, 1201 Sweetbriar Circle

4/27, Abbott revocable living trust to Jacob M. Alphin, Moseley Hall township, 47.15 acres

4/30, Charles E. Hill to Lawrence S. Thomas Jr., Southwest township, 5.3 acres

4/30, Marvin Moore by AIF to Victor Castillo, 1320 Dr. MLK Jr. Boulevard, 1.02 acres

4/30, John W. Roberts III to Debra C. Roberts, Falling Creek township, 22.32 acres

4/30, Vance O. Davis to Keith D. Alphin, Neuse township, 1.04 acres

City of Kinston Building Permits for April 2018

City of Kinston Building Permits for April 2018