Junious Smith III: How about a Five Piece?

Junious Smith III: How about a Five Piece?

I felt compelled to bring an old feature back.

If anyone remembers The Flourish Post, I had a segment entitled “The Five Piece” where I would talk about a quintet of different topics. As the focus shifts from football to basketball and knowing my previous columns dealt with gridiron conversation, why not bring back a previous staple.

1. Please support The Flourish Hill Podcast

So, Graham Hill and I are trying to work on another endeavor, The Flourish Hill Podcast. We’ll be talking about high school sports in the area while also trying to bring up other topics and hopefully have special guests. We’re in serious need of sponsors in the process, so please contact bj@neusenews.com if you want to come aboard. It means the world knowing I can assist Graham in his budding career while growing in mine.


2. The All-Neuse News teams are coming

Although I can’t give an exact date for football and soccer, the all-area teams will be out soon. I still need to get nominations from coaches (so send those to jsmith@neusenews.com) but overall it should be a good representation. The volleyball team is already out and hopefully they’ll be worth the wait.


3. The first ECC match is Monday

To the South Lenoir faithful, apologies for not making it to a game yet. On Monday, that will change as the Blue Devils come to Kinston to start the Eastern Carolina Conference slate. There will be other intriguing matches on Tuesday (Greene Central at Washington and North Lenoir at West Craven) and a highly anticipated matchup Friday as the Vikings travel to Snow Hill to face the Rams. Get there early.

4. Broadcasting games will be an adventure to say the least

To piggyback off No. 3, Graham and I will also broadcast the Lenoir Community College Game of the Week for basketball season. While football is easier because there’s time to take in a play and baseball is infinitely less of a hassle because of the pace, basketball is high-octane. We’ll look to improve throughout the year, but if you have tips we’re willing to hear them. Innovation is not always smooth, but we’ll get there.


5. I’ll be on the court soon enough

My goal was to participate in at least one fall practice in each sport, but then Hurricane Florence came, schedules were distorted and work piled up. Hopefully, I can at least do basketball somewhere and maybe a little indoor track. Wrestling? I can’t pull off the outfit, so I’ll pass. Swimming? I’ll drown, so that’s also a no.

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