Junious Smith III: Time for these 2019 Goals

Junious Smith III: Time for these 2019 Goals

It feels good to be back with Neuse News.

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been working with a pair of great national basketball tournaments: The Crown Town Classic in Charlotte and The John Wall Holiday Invitational in Raleigh. It was a time for fellowship, good vibes and a busy schedule, along with some time with the family in Fayetteville in between.

As a result, I shirked my usual responsibilities with Neuse News, but it’s time to take it to the next level.

When a new year approaches, these phrases are usually brought to the forefront: “New Year, New Me,” “I’ve got my New Year’s Resolutions” and my favorite of all, “I’m not changing a (doggone) thing.”

I can’t relate this year — for the most part.

Most of the time, resolutions are created and broken before we have to spring forward and lose an hour of sleep. As someone who has failed over the years in some endeavors, the focus will be much sharper in order to make sure these three goals are attainable.

1. Continue building up the brand

Working with NN has forced me to become more versatile as a journalist, not just for the array of content but different ways of putting stories together. Besides writing, I’ve had to learn more from the audio and visual sides while trying to create a strong package of material. In the long run, being one-dimensional could be detrimental, so continuing to work on the skillset will be a must for 2019.

2. Stop being so timid

If you can believe it, I don’t have a good camera presence and have trouble talking to people outside of work. As the philosopher Kamaal Ibn John Fareed (better known as Q-Tip) once said “scared money don’t make none.” In order to make the first point even better, a different mindset has to be taken. I’ve come out of my shell enough to make it this far, but another layer has to be exposed.

3. Work on both physical and mental health

I made a gym bet with someone last month to go at least four times a week until April, and we’ve kept it going. The same energy will be kept throughout the year and beyond, but also to work on a better diet because a man can’t live off of Cookout alone. Keeping a strong mental balance will be just as important, if not more, with so much on the agenda for 2019.

What are some of your goals for 2019? Please comment on this column and I’ll do my part to hold you accountable, as I hope you do the same over here. Let’s make this year count!

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