Bryan Hanks: Happy Hanksgiving 2018

Bryan Hanks: Happy Hanksgiving 2018

In my journalism journey – which has included stops in Gastonia, Shelby and finally here in Kinston – I’ve written an annual Hanksgiving column, where I give thanks for various things in my little portion of the world.

Here’s my first shot at it in this medium. Without further ado, my 2018 list of things for which I’m thankful:

·      I’m thankful for folks with true vision – for example, the publisher of this little venture called Neuse News, B.J. Murphy. B.J. enjoys being told something can’t be done … because he relishes the opportunity to prove that it can be done. As a person who is about to start his 50th trip around the sun, I’m not impressed often by mere mortals, but local folks like B.J., Stephen Hill, Felicia Solomon, Brandon Potter, Junious Smith III, Leon Steele, Kenyari Fields, Tonya Adams, William “Bud” Hardy, Seraphim Smith and Erin Passailaigue are the reason Kinston is making such a great turnaround.

·      This isn’t going to shock people who know me well, but I’m thankful for sports. You don’t really appreciate sports until you have spent years covering news and then you’re able to return to the sidelines – the playground of the media business.

·      Speaking of sports, I’m gonna stray from giving thanks for a moment for a mea culpa. Back in June, I tweeted about what seemed – at the time – a certainty: that Greene Central’s star post player, Imajae Dodd, was going to transfer to a prep school for his senior season. Many props go to Delmus Willis for this prophetic tweet on June 8:

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 10.56.24 PM.png

·      I was wrong. Dead wrong. We are all grateful that Imajae stayed – his loyalty to his teammates, school and community are an example of what’s good about prep sports.

·      I’m thankful for a rare good season for my Washington Redskins, especially in a year where there were no real expectations. Hail to the Redskins. I’ll be even happier and more thankful if my Skins can down the hated Cowboys today.

·      I’m thankful for those who always, always put others before themselves – and there’s no greater example of a Christ-like attitude than the one Jimbo Perry possesses. I challenge you to find a man or woman in Lenoir County who has given more of himself to this community than Jimbo. For me, WWJD stands for What Would Jimbo Do?

·      Finally, I’m thankful for you, dear reader. This little venture started not much more than five months ago and it’s grown beyond every expectation – and it’s due to YOU. Without your support, Neuse News would be nothing more than another internet wasteland.

·      OK, one more: I’m also thankful to the awesome sponsors who have kept Neuse News free for you to view. B.J.’s vision of a hyper-local site with no pop-up ads and no subscription fees doesn’t happen without the sponsors who have stepped up. You are appreciated more than you will ever know.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!


Bryan Hanks is the editor of the Neuse News; you can reach him at

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