Lenoir County land transfers Oct. 1 through Oct. 12

Lenoir County land transfers Oct. 1 through Oct. 12

The following land transfers were filed with the Lenoir County Register of Deeds:

10/01, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Lynwood C. Turner III, Contentnea Neck township, state roads 1801/1802, .471 acre

10/01, Nationstar Mortgage to Michael Conger, 2507 Register Drive, Falling Creek township, lot 11

10/02, ENGL Investments to Jessica A. Brooks, Moseley Hall township, lot 4, .95 acre

10/02, Rebecca E. Antwine to Victoria L. Letchworth, Southwest township, state road 1914 and N.C. 58, 5 acres

10/03, Marlene M. Smith to Douglas R. Smith, Contentnea Neck township, tract 9, 40.17 acres

10/03, SECU*RE Inc. to Antonio M. Hardy, Kinston township, lot 28, Perry Park Woods

10/03, Board of Trustees of N.C. Conference Southeastern Jurisdiction of United Methodist Church to Daystar Fields of Freedom Minsitry, 4033 and 4035 Hugo Road, Contentnea Neck township, 1.32 acres

10/03, Alma D. Pineda to Alberto Torres Jr., 2383 Eric Sparrow Road, Trent township, tract A, 10.58 acres

10/03, James F. Greene III to Elzbieta M. Wilson, 3505 Sloan Street, lots 7-9, Rochelle’s Corner

10/04, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Wendover Financial Services, 1413 Parker Street

10/04, Wendover Financial Services to Sandra R. Gooding, 1413 Parker Street

10/04, Doris Forehand to Jose Perez, Contentnea Neck township, lot 34, 4736 Helen Court

10/04, Doris Forehand to Nancy Rodriguez Beltran, Contentnea Neck township, lot 36, 4743 Helen Court

10/04, Robert B. Goins to RBG Kinston Properties, 16 parcels

10/04, Jomik Properties to Christopher L. Underwood, Contentnea Neck township, lot 1, Stonyton Place

10/05, Randy G. Jones to LDSI-Kinston Properties, Falling Creek township, U.S. 258 North

10/05, Arlene H. Hardison to Michael S. Hartley, lot 1, 1 acre

10/05, Wanda H. Pearson to James W. Slow, Trent township, .773 acre

10/05, Jewelle R. Heath to Branch Banking and Trust Company, 471 Pink Hill township, state roads 1116/1130, .6 acre

10/05, Terry L. Smith to Emory T. Mingee Jr., Contentnea Neck township, state road 1801, .85 acre

10/05, Gordon R. Howell to Icon Properties, 132 South Caswell street, Moseley Hall township, .074 acre

10/08, Logan Turner to Paul Porterfield, Kinston township, lots 142-148, section two, Pine Villa

10/08, Barbara H. Price to James W. Narron, Fields Station Road, 34.09 acres

10/09, Cecilia B. Gonzalez to Karla L. Soto, Falling Creek township, lot D, .216 acre

10/09, Mark Davidson to Sue R. Myers, Falling Creek township, 8.59 acres

10/09, Sabrina Surcy to Rhonda Rayford, Southwest township, Murray Circle, lot 17, Lakeview

10/09, Erwin Hills of Kinston to Harry H. Cummings Inc., Falling Creek township, Staley Court/Marion Heights Drive

10/09, Billy R. Sheppard to Adam G. Taggert, Trent township, state road 1144 and N.C. 11, 2 acres

10/10, Ruth J. Smith to Branch Banking and Trust, lot 2, Hardee Heights subdivision

10/10, Brenda D. Kennedy to Jennifer A. Kennedy, N.C. 903 and state road 1505, 1.04 acres

10/11, Lance M. Thornton to Rashad K. Dallas, lot 15, Wellington Phase III

10/11, Cranford A. Heath to Martin L. Simmons, Neuse township, lot 8, Shirlwood subdivision

10/11, Pamela S. Perry to Brittany Jackson, Vance township, .543 acre

10/11, Bette J. Kaercher to Steven Z. Genovese, Moseley Hall township, lot 26, Sutton Acres, section two

10/11, James S. Perry/admr to Patricia Frazier, 490 Central Avenue, Neuse township, Jackson Heights, lot 19, block 10

10/12, Donald L. Gray to Farris W. Gray, Falling Creek township, .541 acre

10/12, Anthony K. Butler to Michael J. Curvin Sr., two tracts, 349 P.A. Nobles Store Road

10/12, Maxine H. Heath to Jay R. Stevens, 1 acre, (location not confirmed)

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