Lenoir County land transfers for Sept. 5 through Oct. 1

Lenoir County land transfers for Sept. 5 through Oct. 1

The following land transfers were filed with the Lenoir County Register of Deeds:

9/05, Williamson and King LLC to Lynda W. Dawson, Woodington township, state road 1921 and N.C. 58, 75.6 acres

9/05, Ashton Properties and Investments LLC to Alicia Hooks, lot 5, block B, section 1, Eastridge, Kinston township

9/05, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Kyra Luksza, 2712 Brookhaven Drive, Kinston

9/05, Larry NMN Graham to Agave Rentals LLC, Vance township, lot 76, section 4, Old Farm Road

9/06, Evelyn D. Gray born to Timmy R. Brinson, Woodington township, 1.712 acres

9/06, James D. Williams to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, 297 Neuse township, 905 and 909 William Vause Lane

9/07, William R. Shackleford to Next Step Financial LLC, three tracts

9/07, Bank of New York Mellon to Eyal Dahan, 608 Hines Avenue

9/07, Idelfonso V. Gonzales to Omero L. Angel, Falling Creek township, lot 14

9/07, Morei Herritage LLC to Pear Properties LLC, North Herritage Street and Roseanne Drive, .64 acres

9/07, Perry Brothers Properties LLC to Perry Wives LLC, Kinston township, state road 1811

9/10, Brandon Cashwell to Alvestor Finch III, Contentnea Creek township, 3841 Leland Road

9/10, Geraldine J. Davenport to David P. McLawhorn, Woodington township, state road 1922, 1.4 acres

9/12, Donald G. Grady to Jose P. Reyes, Trent township, 8 acres

9/12, Mitchelltown Preservation Society to Smart Kinston LLC, Kinston township, lot 1, Mitchell and Lenoir Street

9/12, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Michael NMN Joyner, lot 9, 1906 Stanton Road

9/12, May T. Plummer to Seymour Funeral Home and Cremation Service Inc/Rouse Funeral Home, Moseley Hall township, Caswell and North Railroad Street

9/17, Alice H. Crandell to Michael P. Harrison, Moseley Hall township, state roads 1326/1324, .89 acres

9/17, John J. Torres to Engl Investments LLC, lot 4, .95 acres

9/18, Dwight E. Davis to Daly’s Chapel (Original) Free Will Baptist Church, Trent township, N.C. 903, 1.29 acres

9/19, Johnny R. Clemmons to Shelley N. Bowen, Contentnea Neck township, state road 1091, .69 acre

9/20, Kinston Clinic Properties Incorporated to Glenwood Properties of Kinston, Grainger Heights, Kinston Clinic South, Herritage Street/Glenwood Avenue

9/24, Arden J. Hardee Jr. to Iaky Properties LLC, lot 6, Falling Creek township, Hull Road

9/24, Richard C. Smith to Billie J. Stewart, Southwest township, lot 17, 3013 Joe Williams Road

9/25, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Franklin J. Wright, lot 16, 104 North Adkin Street

9/26, Jackie G. St. Romain to Travis Dixon, 1.5 acres, no address listed

9/27, Larry D. Stokes Jr. to Thomas Cooper, Kinston township, lot 6, Hardee Heights

9/27, Cleveland L. Baker Jr. to Robert L. Thompson, Falling Creek township, tract 3-A/3-C, 900 Critters path

9/27, Merlray LLC to MOCO Properties, Moseley Hall township, lot 1, 107 Herring Road

9/28, JP Morgan Chase Bank to Ashley F. Heath, 215 West Washington Street, Harper Heights

9/28, Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Vance township, lot 12, 5209 Tick Bite Road, Ben Scarborough subdivision

9/28, First Choice Homes Inc. to Daniel Salinas, Moseley Hall township, 18 Brakefield, section 1

9/28, Alan Vester Enterprises of Kinston to Ernie Everett Site Prep, Neuse township, 3.10 acres

9/28, Sandra S. Watkins to 5719 Family Road LLC, Pink Hill township, .5 acres, 5719 Howard Family Road

9/28, Marjorie C. Hall to Kelley Wysokowski, state roads 1811/1812, 2.5 acres

9/28, David J. Machado to 109 Gordon Street LLC, East Gordon Street

9/28, David J. Machado to 111 Gordon Street LLC, Gordon Street

9/28, Ruby S. Huggins to T.R.R.L. LLC, eight tracts, no address listed

9/28, Alfred Sutton/admr to St. John Free Will Baptist Church, Kinston township, 315 North East Street, lot 21

9/28, Ashley W. Herring to George A. Bryan III, Neuse township, 1.256 acres

10/1, Percy Incorporated to Lynn T. Tew, Contentnea Neck township, 3 tracts

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