Lenoir County land transfers Aug. 20 through Sept. 4

Lenoir County land transfers Aug. 20 through Sept. 4

The following land transfers were filed with the Lenoir County Register of Deeds:

8/20, Mirella Aguirre to Sandro C. Hernandez, 103 Front Street, Pink Hill, .58 acre

8/20, Shelia D. Brinson to Lashey J. Garrick, lot 6, block D, Crestview, Falling Creek

8/20, Dallas L. Freeman to Daryl E. Freeman, Woodington township, 1 acre

8/20, Denis R. Rhodes to Steve Surcy, Moseley Hall township, lot 5, Brakefield, section 1

8/21, Walter R. Poole Jr. to Brooks L. Poole, Falling Creek township, lot 89, Whitfield Acres

8/21, Robert W. Leitch to Tony Houston, Neuse township, Belvedere Drive and state road 1907

8/21, John Butler to Village Capital and Investment, J.C. Village Road, Institute, .59 acre

8/21, Valerie D. Campbell to Christoopher S. Whitehurst, Contentnea Neck township, 3190 Daw Drive, lot C

8/21, William Strayhorn Jr. to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, 446 Kinston township, 305 Frances Place

8/21, Paul T. Cleavenger to Kevin A. Prall, 806 Cameron Drive, Kinston township

8/22, Kenneth O. Hill Jr. to Irene McCoy, Trent township, .39 acres

8/23, William R. Taylor to Ralph F. Taylor, four parcels

8/23, Vernon J. Mitchell to Carol M. Horton, 4963 Tick Bite Road, two tracts

8/23, Kay s. McCoy to Sammy R. McCoy, Contentnea Neck township, 15.37 acres, tract 4

8/23, Jacqueline Branch to Van Leer Rentals, Neuse township, Kinston, Heath Lane, .592 acre

8/24, Alonza C. Gray to Nicholas C. Hill, Vance township, 1.98 acres

8/24, Kenneth D. Kennedy to Kendra K. Jones, lot 57, Leslie Turner lands;

8/24, Dorothy H. Mendiola to Mark T. Cruse, Neuse township, .51 acre

8/24, Michael R. Bain to HAF Properties LLC, Kinston township, .623 acre, Presbyterian Lane and Parrott Avenue

8/24, Sandra H. Lee to R.H. McRae’s Electrical Contrators, Trent township

8/24, Eula K. Conyers to Robert D. Hood, Moseley Hall township, 102 Rouse Street

8/24, Helen S. Kennedy to Felipa R. Lozano, Falling Creek township, lot 30, Hickory Hills

8/27, Lenoir County to Mother Earth Brewing, lot 1 and 2

8/28, Lori J. Everett to Lynwood E. Everett, Falling Creek township, .36 acre

8/28, Richard W. Poteat to Raymond Holden, Moseley Hall township, .50 acre, North Railroad Street and North Wooten Street

8/28, Hi-Sell LLC to Tammy J. McCoy, lot 3, Jack Taylor property, 505 Jackson Lane

8/29, Jerry M. Stroud Sr. to Reyna Gonzalez, Pink Hill township, lot 5, .77 acre, Cedar Ridge subbdivision

8/29, Colby F. Smith to William D. Hardendorf, Mosely Hall township, two tracts, 104 South Center Street

8/30, George P. Moore to Orale Homes LLC, 807 Jackson Lane, Jack Taylor property

8/31, William S. Hill to John W. Jones Jr., Woodington township, 1.82 acres

8/31, Bertha C. Martin to Aaron T. Gonzalez, Sandhill township, tract 6, 8.3 acres

8/31, Ashton Properties & Investments to Jennifer Dudley, 712 Girl Scout Road, lot 13, Tower Heights

8/31, Joyce D. Fowler to Efriem Bekerman, lot 4, block E, Kinston township

9/04, Milton Murphy to Jeffrey L. Tyndall, Pink Hill township, 10.48 acres

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Jones Co. Voting Location Moved Due to Florence

Jones Co. Voting Location Moved Due to Florence

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