Homepage Horizontal Ads

Homepage Horizontal Ads

from 300.00 every month for 3 months

The homepage horizontal ad options are below. If you have an in-house design team, please ask them to create a 1” x 4”, 300 dpi image or gif, and email it to info@neusenews.com. If you need the Neuse News team to create your ad, please select the ad number accompanied with “+ Design Fee”.

Please also email us at info@neusenews.com and let us know where you want your ad linked to. For example, www.abcwidgets.com/neusenews may be the page you use for ads on our site.

Each advertisement will be given a unique neuse.news URL to help with statistical feedback on its success.

Each advertisement will auto-renew every month with a 3-month minimum commitment. Failure to renew may result in the loss of your place on our site.

Homepage Horizontal Ad 1 - $1000/mo - SOLD THROUGH 3/31/2019
Homepage Horizontal Ad 2 - $700/mo
Homepage Horizontal Ad 3 - $600/mo - SOLD THROUGH 3/31/2019
Homepage Horizontal Ad 4 - $500/mo
Homepage Horizontal Ad 5 - $400/mo
Homepage Horizontal Ad 6 - $300/mo

An optional $20/mo Design Fee may be added to allow for the Neuse News Design Team to create and update the ad. Price does not include hiring us for photography.

Ad #: