Restaurant Ratings for April 2018

Restaurant Ratings for April 2018


2409 N. Herritage St., Kinston
Inspection date: 4/4
Score: 94.5
Employee observed dropping raw meat on grill and then cooking potatoes - hands must be washed;
Cheese on prep line, salads below prep line and salad in reach-in were above 45F - prep unit needs to be repaired;
Sanitizer in one wiping cloth bucket was weak - needs to be changed every four hours;
Some dishes were stacked wet - repeat violation;
Any broken, burned or not easily cleanable containers need to be taken out of service;
Some cracked broken floor tiles and holes in walls in drive-thru area need to be repaired/replaced - repeat violation;

Hibachi Express

2405-C N. Herritage St., Kinston
Inspection date: 4/10
Score: 95.5
No certified food protection manager present;
Label on oven cleaner spray bottle wore off;
Bucket of sauce was on kitchen floor;
A few dishes were stacked wet - let air dry;
Discard all broken food containers;
Floor tiles cracking in front of rear door;


7858 U.S. 70 W., Kinston
Inspection date: 4/12
Score: 94.5
Employee cut biscuit without wearing gloves;
Rice in drive-thru area, Cajun filets and steak were less than 135F - must be 135F or higher;
Bucket of sanitizer stored on shelf above breading station and on floor - should be stored below food and food prep area;
Hinge on right side door of biscuit cooler is broken;
Bottom of reach-in freezer, biscuit area and flour bin needs additional cleaning;
Trash bags on ground in dumpster area;
Floor around fryers and under sink in tea area needs additional cleaning;

Little J's Pizza

402 E. Washington St., La Grange
Inspection date: 4/12
Score: 97
Sanitizer was in green soapy water bucket - ensure that all toxic substances are clearly labeled;
Flies observed throughout facility;
Vent in middle of kitchen above prep tables is dirty/dusty - needs additional cleaning;

Papa John's

1004-B W. Vernon Ave., Kinston
Inspection date: 4/16
Score: 91.5
No certified food protection food manager present - shall be present at all times;
No hand-drying device provided for hand-wash sink in back kitchen;
Few plastic pans have not been cleaned thoroughly;
Pizza sauce is not labelled to show 10-hour room temperature hold time;
Few plastic pans are stacked wet;
Pizza refrigerator lid hinge is broken;
Surfaces including but not limited to shelving are soiled;
Lavatories in both restrooms and in kitchen are soiled;
Dumpster is rusty with holes;


1028 New Bern Hwy, Kinston
Inspection date: 4/17
Score: 95
Sliced cheese in bottom of biscuit prep refrigerator is 55-56F - immediately discarded;
Pan of fries being held in time instead of temperature is not labelled correctly;
Wet wiping cloths in prep area - shall be stored in solution of approved sanitizer;
Lemons cut on shelving used for air-drying; 
Several surfaces, including but not limited to, shelving, corners, ledges, equipment, behind equipment and insides of ketchup dispensers are soiled;
Hand-wash sinks are soiled;
Garbage cans and lids are soiled;


4499 U.S. 70 W., Kinston
Inspection date: 4/18
Score: 96
Some food pans were visibly dirty;
Small reach-in close to ice cream machine was 53F - must be 45F or lower;
Flies observed in kitchen;
Dishes were stacked wet;
Gaskets on bread table are tearing and small reach-in by ice cream machine is not working properly;
Dry food storage bins, raw chicken reach-ins, top of dish machine, shelf above raw chicken prep table and bread table needs additional cleaning - repeat violation;
Walls above lemon squeezer and behind bread table need additional cleaning;


Ruby Tuesday

3725 W. Vernon Ave., Kinston
Inspection date: 4/23
Score: 98
Thermometer was dirty;
Grill area, dry food storage bins, drink rails, track on prep table and shelving needs additional cleaning - repeat violation;
Holes in walls and missing grout on floors - repeat violation;

Cafe at Lenoir Memorial Hospital

100 Airport Road, Kinston
Inspection date: 4/24
Score: 95
Several foods in prep unit were above 45F - ensure all potentially hazardous food cold holding are 45F or less - repeat violation;
Single-service trays stored exposed - repeat violation;
Knife box needs additional cleaning;
Floors need cleaning;

East Coast Wings and Grill

3021 N. Herritage St., Kinston
Inspection date: 4/26
Score: 90
Drinks/cups seen at hand-wash sink at the bar;
Plate, wing buckets, bowls and other food containers were visibly dirty - repeat violation;
Prep unit across from flat top was not holding proper temperature - repeat violation;
Food stored on floor in walk-in cooler and freezer;
Wet wiping-cloths laying on tables and counters;
Sanitizer was too weak;
Wing buckets stacked wet;
Single-service trays had splash and splatter on them;
Gasket on small reach-in cooler in disrepair and rush shelving needs to be repaired;
Broken reach-in freezer needs to be repaired/replaced;
Shelving, heating elements, fry area, hood system and outsides of equipment needs additional cleaning;
Floors, walls and ceiling need additional cleaning - especially around fryers and behind/under dish machine;

Herritage Elite

910 N. Herritage St., Kinston
Inspection date: 4/30
Score: 98
Plastic parts in ice machine are dirty;
Degreaser spray bottle was not labelled;
Wet wiping cloth laying on table and drain board - shall be in-use, in proper strength sanitizer or in dirty laundry bucket;
Utensil drawer and shelving needs additional cleaning - repeat violation;

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